The new Housing Code: 5 mandatory novelties

22.11.2010 12:28
Glad to have this year may consider on second reading a draft of the Housing Code (LC), as adopted on first reading on November 6 last year. As explained to us one of the developers code Mazurchak Alexander (now acting deputy KSCA), the need to adopt a new document to replace the existing since 1983 Zhilkodeksa USSR, matured long ago, wrote today.<br /><br />Old code does not reflect changes in housing (in the old LC nothing about privatization, property owners associations, apartment buildings, etc.). The principal changes: going back a penalty for the debts of rent, to provide sotszhilem, evicted from their homes, which prevent to build roads and bridges. According Mazurchak, without their acceptance will be difficult to solve the problem with the replacement of old houses, especially "Khrushchev, to the modern building.<br /><br />"The current LCD does not provide for such things as reconstruction of the neighborhood, so the work is very difficult, requires the consent of all tenants. But provides that a homeowner should get a flat no worse than the one in which he lives, "- says Mazurchak.<br /><br />Those who would oppose, according to Mazurchak, the power to resettle in court, with the provision of housing, or an equivalent payment of its market value. Previously considered the norm, that the reconstruction be done if agreed 70-90% of the population. In the project, even if 90% against, the house could still go for demolition.<br /><br />And for those who do not agree on terms of compensation, may offer shelter under the law "On the forced relocation in the public necessity" - that is, within the city. At that time, according to the reconstruction should be in the same neighborhood.<br /><br />In the suburbs. Lawyer Vasily Miroshnichenko said that the developer will certainly try to send the tenants on the outskirts, where apartments are cheaper, and the citizen to prove his innocence in court will be very difficult. The same applies to compensation: consider them to be on the average market value per square meter of housing, not taking into account neither the prestige of the district, nor the proximity of the metro or the environment.<br /><br />"All this you can set in Zhilkodekse, otherwise the government would face mass protests residents Khrushchev. The most fair option - to settle near the old house "- says Miroshnichenko.<br /><em>Today </em><br />
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