The new house is second-hand

20.04.2011 00:08
Articles about real estate | The new house is second-hand It is well known that many people are buying apartments in buildings under construction are not to stay, as well as an investment. Also no secret that developers are well aware of this fact and shamelessly enjoy the accompanying increase in the price alert every comment in the spirit of the past months, our customers (investors) have earned so much. " Mathematically, seems to be true. That's only the thesis that the private owner can sell the apartment for the same amount as the primary seller, raises serious doubts ...

Voice of the unit is thinner squeak ...

Advertise called motor trade - and it's not just empty words. In a business opportunity loudly about themselves often equivalent to the ability to sell their goods more expensive. The real estate market, things the same way. The potential is huge companies - they give image advertising in the press, are present on billboards and banners in the streets, renting booths at exhibitions. That is able to oppose private seller? "It is possible to advertise: in print, the Internet - websites, social networks - lists Dmitry Taganov, head of the analytical center of Incom Corporation. - Some stick ads "Buy an apartment in your area. However, the expert adds, in any case flurry of calls should not expect ...

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Aleksander Zima, director of real estate sales company Penny Lane Realty, lead counter-argument: the developer advertises its own object, and a private person who sells in the same apartment, thus benefiting from the labor of others. "To compete with the developer in terms of advertising is not necessary to be privately owned - said the expert. - On the contrary, from this point of view, the developer becomes an ally: the result of a marketing campaign, the name of the residential complex is on everyone's lips is enough to indicate the name of the object and give a link to the site developer. Neat idea, but perhaps still a little weird. Finding a proposal on a site builder, the average buyer at this developer is likely to take an apartment and ...

Safety. Or at least the illusion

Another consideration is not in favor of a private seller. It is known that the property market is perceived by many people as a dangerous place, where you can easily lose and apartments, and money. Relevant stories even look particularly do not, they are almost daily appear in the media. What to do in such circumstances, an ordinary customer? Likely to go into a solid company, whose name is well known. "Large-scale structure is more confidence" - explains the decision D. Taganov. And although the size of the company - not always a guarantee of reliability, with the main thesis can not but agree: an organization working in the market for many years, has any diplomas, certificates, - it rather than obscure "Uncle Vasya. Not to mention that among friends you can find people who once had to deal with this company. But the man who was buying an apartment is in this private traders have to look for a long time ...

The level of service

There is another point on which the privately owned company loses outright. We are talking about the possibility of providing various related services. "In contrast, a major player an individual lot can not do. For example, do not hold a full legal review of the project, do not check the documents for compliance with applicable legal and regulatory compliance "- lists Maria Litinetskaya, CEO of the company" MIEL-New ". In addition, the expert continues, as a rule, firms offer a variety of payment options. Builders and realtors working with them accredit new projects in a large number of partner banks, which allows the buyer to take advantage of a mortgage. Many of the primary vendors have their own schemes installments. Implementing an apartment individual such conditions are likely not to offer.

Another consideration. During the transaction the buyer may have different questions - the laws, taxes, other aspects. "The landlord must be willing to tell not only about the footage and the location of the house, - says Irina Mamontov, head of new buildings of the Moscow real estate agency." - It's important to be able to advise the purchaser and in such moments as the legal nuances of the contract recording technology, the technical condition of communication and much more. " And even if the owner-driver to be so versatile expert (and lawyer, a civil engineer, and God knows whom), the buyer may not know about it. He again is easier to go to large firms.

This will cost in excess daddy Dorset five hundred dollars
Of course, all these problems have a solution. True, it is not very pleasant, since it reduces to the fact that you have to share money. One option - to hire a realtor. Still sounded recommendation to contact the company selling the object - that is, the one in which the seller itself once bought an apartment. Here, of course, there are pluses - the company is image advertising of the residential complex, its managers are well aware of all its advantages. But there is a negative - and quite serious. The fact is that with his proposal to the seller immediately becomes a competitor. And to promote the developer will be primarily their own objects, and a third-party - not the sturgeon to sleep.

An alternative solution - to try to do everything themselves, compensating for the "shortcomings" lower price. About discount experts agreed that he should be substantial but not excessive. If the value of 8,000,000 rubles. lose 100 thousand, the buyer thinks so ridiculous benefits not worth the risks. On the other hand, too much credit (for example, 30%), likely to cause suspicion that there is something unclean. "Relieving the price of a full-fledged 30% is only meaningful if the object has become a long-term construction, and the market knows about it", - said A. Zima. Normal same size - in the range of 5-10%.

... Investing in real estate - a good thing. However, undertaking such an event, remember that cash flows will be "rounded", and not always in your favor. So a stock in play is a must. And we should not succumb to calls from bazaar shill, say that with the increase in the price they will automatically grow the money in your pocket you have.

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