The new formula of cottage construction: quick, convenient and inexpensive

28.11.2010 19:51
Articles about real estate | The new formula of cottage construction: quick, convenient and inexpensive Apathy sweeping the country the housing market immediately after the crisis caused many developers simply refuse to have already begun construction. In turn, the widespread decline in construction has created a supply shortage for customers that are ready to return to their "Country" plan.

The fact that the structure of demand for suburban property has changed, talk began before the crisis. In fact, the abstract "house on the ruble no longer causes a rush of buyers. Buy a pig in a poke - or rather, in the brick case, only for the fact that the address looks attractive, buyers will not want to - however, they no longer want it back in 2008. Crisis hit the country real estate market just in time for its next adjustment.

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During the crisis, the demand for suburban property was reduced to a minimum: for many, this property was only an alternative to urban housing, and it could just be "weather". However, the developers involved in construction, "weather" could not: the market seized apathy and despair, many sites were simply abandoned. And many abandoned and today - according to experts, around Moscow enough unfinished, abandoned in 2008. Metal structures have already rust, imported building materials to the site - spoiled. These projects will be extremely difficult to rebuild, it is easiest to clean and have already begun to build again from scratch.

"Even though iron is thrown to the ground, rust, not to mention the unfinished houses. Many of the villages should have to endure and rebuild again," - said Vladimir Kolesov, builder of the suburbs.

The demand for suburban real estate is slowly returning. As in other segments, today it is concentrated in the towns economy class - townhouses, low-rise homes in the suburbs and cheap "cottages" go to market quickly and easily if the price is not too overpriced. Buy and housing, which is positioned as a major, and suburban real estate for the holiday season. The boundaries between economy and business class on the market eroded, largely due to the fact that some developers had to rethink and re-evaluate their projects. New, lower prices and increased demand triggered by the buyers.

"After two years of financial crisis, suburban real estate market begins to recover. Autumn market is waiting for further activation, sales will grow", - said Alexander Rykov, marketing director of the Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty.

Residential Real Estate luxury, too, sold out - though not as fast as before. Criteria for the demand for such properties remained the same - an elite area, direct traffic artery to the city's business center, a large land area and most of the structure. According to realtors, buyers are now more demanding to the quality of the house - they are interested and architectural concept (thought-out, comfortable for them personally and aesthetically appealing), and the house territory, and the homogeneity of the social environment, and much more, of what constitutes a formula for a comfortable life outside the city. The popularity of ready-made designs - made to furnish the premises and has already broken into a garden plot or even a flower garden - growing, too, such proposals are convenient because of the buyers who are going to come to a country house purchased only during the holiday season.

But the empty areas in which the owner can show his own architectural and landscape of fantasy, now are not in demand in the market. Most such sites are bought by those who want so save on home construction and equipping local area. Solvent buyers prefer to come at all ready, entrusting the construction of his house experienced developers. Apart from the difficulties associated with self-construction of such projects, there are other problems: for example, the heterogeneity of the future of the village, and the different time frame for completion of homes, forcing neighbors to live or vacation on the background of the ongoing construction, surrounded by concrete, brick and rubble.

The new formula of cottage construction - quickly, conveniently and inexpensively. And if it's still "expensive", such projects should be left to chance. Updated real estate market becomes more demanding for projects and buyers are willing to fork out only when the quality of their future home really happy with them. According to experts, the market has become deeply familiar with the new conditions, and hence the qualitative revolution in the market occurred. In the near future it will absorb and abandoned projects by developers - most likely, these sites (not located in the worst places) will be redrawn again and re-built. Abandoned buildings in Moscow in 2012 no longer remain, experts promise.
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