The new format in the Russian town market

12.10.2010 10:10
Articles about real estate | The new format in the Russian town market In Istra Valley, an ecologically clean district of Moscow region, close to woodlands and reservoir by Vector Investments will launch three projects Format Land Park - "Big Ushakovo", "Kurtnikovo" and "Nikita". The total project area will be 35-46 hectares, an area with large tracts of land. Earth offers lots 5.1 hectares to companies and individuals for development and sale of cottage settlements or for individual development. Prices areas until more than 2 times lower than those of cottage villages near Moscow. Infrastructure projects occupy an intermediate position between empty lots and land, brought to the stage of cottage village. Necessary physical infrastructure and access roads along the border areas there. This, as well as the lack of construction costs of buildings and public areas and is caused by the price. Potential buyers of parts of projects in Istria are assumed to private developers, not loving rigid framework of other residential estates and / or construction companies that can build a club-type settlements.

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