The most powerful energy in Ukraine

10.11.2013 00:00
Articles about real estate | The most powerful energy in Ukraine Scientists from NASA have defined, what places on Earth have the largest energy field. This list includes some of the Ukrainian places. In Ukraine - Koktebel. And topped the list of the American Grand Canyon and international biosphere reserve Yellowstone.

«The light from the positive» is also the Old town in Prague, hill of Montmartre in Paris and the area around the Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican.

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«It is noteworthy that the list of the most favorable places and entered our territory - the famous “Sofiivka”, Synevir lake and reserve “Askania Nova”. But this energy center of Ukraine, in the opinion of Americans, is the village of Koktebel in the Crimea. He literally lights up on the satellite images - and the reason is that the extinct volcano, at the foot of which the built village, has the strongest positive energy» - the newspaper notes.

For millennia, Koktebel attracted settlers lived here Scythians, Sarmatians, Greeks, Romans, Slavs, Tatars. In ancient sources mentioned the village of Afineon, which was in the region of Koktebel. And during the early middle Ages here, the ancient city Поссидима and Каллитра.

Not accidentally, the supporters of the esoteric teachings from various countries consider Koktebel place of pilgrimage. Here come yoga, Buddhists, fans of qigong, which have long felt that exactly here you can get powerful energy charge.

«The energy volcano affects not only people, but also plants. In the reserve around Karadag there are more than 300 species of herbs, some of them don't grow anywhere else in the world. And Koktebel grapes has its own unique color and taste, characteristic only to this region. The remains of amphoras prove that wine in Koktebel did the ancient Greeks», - noted in the publication. 
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