The most expensive real estate in Europe - in France

15.06.2012 10:00
Articles about real estate | The most expensive real estate in Europe - in France Analysts at Deloitte Consulting estimated that new housing in the French capital cost consumers the most expensive in Europe. The average for "square" in the new building in Paris will have to pay € 8000.

For comparison, the cheapest apartments are located in Budapest, Hungary, where the buyer's request, on average € 940 per square meter property in a new home, reports The Local.

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France also won second place in the region by the number of funds necessary for the maintenance of real property, including rent, utilities and repairs. The inhabitants of the country must pay a 41% increase the average European level (€ 3200 per year). Service housing is more expensive only in Denmark, where the cost of 70% higher than the average.

Recall that the new government of Francois Hollande intends to fight the high prices of real estate with the help of the decree to limit the growth of rental rates. French authorities offer completely "freeze" the rents in the private sector.

According to the Minister of Housing CÉcile Duflot, the decree will come into force in September this year. The owners banned in its sole discretion to raise the rent, even when changing employer. Rates will be raised annually in accordance with a special index set by the authorities and the associated inflation.
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