The most expensive land is in the suburban woods

01.02.2011 16:34
Articles about real estate | The most expensive land is in the suburban woods  Number of forest villages in the Moscow region varies from 15% to 25% according to experts. At the same housing on lands belonging to the forest fund is prohibited by federal law. and the number of elite cottage villages in the forests is increasing every year.

Most of the villages situated on the pine Rublevo Assumption and the Kiev highway, a large number of villages adjacent to the birch groves located on the Simferopol and Kaluga. The most prestigious of them are newly constructed settlements "Deauville", "Gribov", "Club 2071" in Minsk direction, "Health Barvikha," Mayndorf Gardens, "" Landscape "," Pine Forest "(24 km), the Cotton Wei "," Forest made "on the ruble," Arkhangelsk "on Ilyinke and" Silver Age "in Kiev, the site

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However, some experts say that most of the inhabited forest - the so-called starodachnye seats, built-up for departmental facilities during the Soviet years (Nemchinovka, Malakhovka, Kratovo). It is these areas, abandonment, go to the developers. Currently revelopment, then there is a selection of the former enterprise zones for housing, legalized.

The presence of forests in the area - one of the main pricing factors. Therefore, all forest villages are of premium and business class. It is important that the site is in the forest if 20 acres is growing at least 30 trees from a height of 15 m, and the age of 15-20 and 20-30 years.

The price of weave increases several times. Thus, if the average price of weave on non-forested land on the ruble fluctuates from $ 40-60 thousand, then weaving in a wooded area will cost $ 80-100 thousand at Kaluga and Kiev areas variation in prices depending on the availability of forests and is 20% -50 %.
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