The most expensive housing in the world

06.01.2011 20:25
Many complain of the exorbitant prices of apartments in Moscow or the high cost of houses on the coasts of Calabria.

However, all these objects appear penny compared to the really expensive real estate in the world. Oligarchs, superstar, the aristocrats could afford large outlays for their dream home.

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1. "Antilia, Mumbai, India

With a large margin leads 27-storey mansion "Antilia in Mumbai. Its cost is one billion dollars. The building height of 173 meters belongs to the Indians, Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest people in the world. He heads the company Reliance Industries, which has the largest market value among Indian firms.

The height of ceilings in a house twice the average. Here is the ballrooms, huge crystal chandeliers, savvy stage. To keep it all in the manner required 600 servants.

2. Villa Leopold, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

The cost of villa "Leopold" at the Cote d'Azur France - 525 million dollars. It was built in 1902, commissioned by the Belgian King Leopold II. The area houses more than 7,000 m?. She changed many owners, among whom, according to rumors, he was Bill Gates and other celebrities. Bought it last banker Edmond Safra, who died in 1999. His widow Lily still lives at the villa. Here, 19 bedrooms, several playgrounds, bowling, several kitchens and dining rooms.

According to media reports, recently the House wanted to buy a Russian businessman Mikhail Prokhorov, but at the last moment, he refused the deal and lost his deposit is made. Because of this villa now there is cinema. However, representatives of the Prokhorov denies his involvement in this transaction.

3. «One Hyde Park», London, UK

New residential complex «One Hyde Park» with penthouses in the heart of London's art? Um $ 200 million. This project was originally conceived as a shelter for the rich and famous. The building has a special system of warning of the danger, bullet-proof windows, iridoskanerami specially equipped refuge and a secret tunnel leading to the hotel Mandarin, located nearby. In addition, there is a spa, a playground for playing squash and wine-tasting room. For tenants «One Hyde Park» clock operates services for the delivery of food in the apartment.

4. Property «Fair? Eld Pond», Suffolk, USA

Property «Fair? Eld Pond» is located in the county of Suffolk, New York. This is the largest residence in America over an area of 250,000 m?. The cost of estate $ 170. The house overlooks the beach 29 bedrooms, five athletic fields, a bowling hall and a jacuzzi for 150,000 euros. All this belongs to billionaire Aire Rennert.

5. Mansion «Hearst Mansion», Beverly Hills, USA

«Hearst Mansion» («Hurst Mansion") in Beverly Hills valued at $ 165 million. Previously, this house belonged to a media magnate William Randolph Hearst, the prototype of the main character of Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane." Here, 29 bedrooms and three pools.

The building became a pop culture icon after it was used in the filming of "The Godfather" for the scene when Don Caerleon slipped into bed abuser severed horse's head. In the same house would stop President John F. Kennedy during his honeymoon. Live far from here, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, as well as David and Victoria Beckham.

6. Villa Franchuk, London, UK

The cost of the Villa Franchuk "in the Victorian style in the London borough of Kensington is 161 million dollars. Until 1997 this building was a preparatory school for girls. Now its owner is the daughter of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, the founder of the Foundation Anti-AIDS "Elena Franchuk.

7. «The Pinnacle», Montana, USA

House under the name «The Pinnacle» («The top") in Montana worth 155 million dollars. He belongs to Tim and Edrei Blikset, owners of luxury resorts «Yellowstone Club». The building is relatively small - only ten bedrooms. Here is heated not only the entire floor area, but our driveway. All bathrooms have a fireplace.

8. Residence «The Manor», Los Angeles, USA

House of Aaron Spelling, more like a palace, called «The Manor» («The Manor"). Its cost is estimated at $ 150 million. The famous television producer and director Spelling lived in this 125-room mansion, where there is an indoor ice rink, swimming pools and playgrounds, three kitchens and a bowling hall. The building even has a special room where the family Spelling put all received gifts. The house is surrounded by private garden. Occupy an entire wing dressing rooms.

9. «Updown Court», Windlesham, United Kingdom

Mansion «Updown Court» in the British city of Windlesham Surrey two years ago ranked third in the ranking of most expensive homes - then its value was equal to $ 110 million. Here, 103 rooms, several ballrooms equipped with shelter, a 50-seat theater, a helipad, a squash court, parking space for eight limousines and a heated travel to the magnificent porch. Over 200 000 m? surrounding woodland and gardens. This home could be the residence of the king. By the way, he is now for sale: Local real estate agency asking for a mansion 70 million pounds.

10. Dracula's Castle, Bran, Romania

Dracula's Castle, or Bran Castle in Romania is estimated at $ 135 million. Built in the XIV century, it is considered a monument of national culture. Now it hosts a museum of antiques and historical relics, which is visited by 450 million tourists a year. In this historic building 57 rooms, including 17 bedrooms. Perhaps to some billionaire still want to live in this castle, surrounded by legends.
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