The most expensive houses of the world

05.06.2010 11:20
<em>Online edition Overseaspropertymall compiled a list of the most expensive houses in the world. Prices for such real estate start at $ 135 million</em><br /><strong>Antilla, India, - $ 1 billion</strong><br />Doubt about what a house considered the most expensive in the world in 2010, no. This is the residence of Antilla, which is almost completed in Mumbai, chairman of the board of directors, manager and principal owner of the Indian company Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani. Billionaire Sam appreciates his house in the $ 1 billion, said the Indian businessman, is how much he has invested in the construction of the 170-meter skyscraper for his family. The state subservient to the residence - about 600 people.<br /><strong>Villa Leopold, France - $ 506 million</strong><br />Villa Leopold, exhibited in the last year for the fabulous $ 750 million, now sells for $ 506 million should be reminded that Leopold villa built on the Cote d'Azur in France at the beginning of XX century, Belgium's King Leopold II. The area of the main house estates - 2,6 thousand square meters. m. The 11 bedrooms have 14 bathrooms. Walking terrace houses resemble the coastal town of the embankment, so they are big and spacious.<br /><strong>Penthouse, UK, - $ 200 million</strong><br />The owners of a penthouse apartment in a London house overlooking the famous Hyde Park want to help out for their property at least $ 200 million Address House - London, Hyde Park, 1, - means that the apartment house was originally built for wealthy people. In addition to the penthouse all other signs of luxury there is room security, and the whole apartment is equipped with bulletproof glass on the windows.<br /><strong>Hearst Mansion, USA - $ 165 million</strong><br />The mansion is the publisher and billionaire William Randolph Hearst in Beverly Hills (USA) is estimated at $ 165 million estate was indeed a cult, once filmed there several scenes of the film "The Godfather". The piquancy of this property adds an interesting fact: in these walls honeymoon spent in 1953, John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier.<strong><br />Villa Franchuk, UK, - $ 161 million</strong><br />Victorian villa in Kensington, London, sold for $ 161 million from the estate an unusual story. Until 1997, the house occupied by a school for girls. Later the property passed into private hands, the manor was held a large-scale renovation. Overseaspropertymall reports that the property now belongs to Elena Franchuk - daughter of the second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma.<em><br />Overseaspropertymall</em><br />
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