The most expensive house prices in the U.S. lost $ 70 million

20.09.2010 16:04
Mansion Beverly House, who in 2007 put up for sale for $ 165 million and had the status of the most costly U.S. housing, re-appeared on the market. Now its price is "only" $ 95 million<br /><br />Sverhelitnaya property has dozens of rooms, including 15-foot hallway, three dining rooms, which can accommodate about 400 people, as well as a night club and spa. At a location nearby and a half hectares are several guest houses and swimming pools, tennis courts with lighting and parking for eight vehicles, reports the portal Luxist.<br /><br />Beverly House mansion was built in 1927 for banker Milton Getz. Later, the object bought "father" of American news industry, media magnate William Hearst. The current home owner, financier Leonard Ross, bought it in 70 years. A few days ago Ross declared bankruptcy - apparently with this and related sale of the mansion. It is known that a financier, among other things, has debts on mortgage payments for this house, which is $ 40 million<br /><br />Beverly House is notable for the fact that this film "The Godfather" and "The Bodyguard." As for the value of the object, it is one of the highest not only in the U.S. but worldwide.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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