The most expensive house in the world

05.01.2014 00:30
Articles about real estate | The most expensive house in the world Every year, the magazine Forbes, known for its ratings, publishes a list of the most expensive houses in the world. For this study, experts Forbes lists real estate for sale on all continents, and interrogate Realtors. To study selected only houses and apartments, but does not include apartment buildings and land.
Villa media tycoon William Randolph Hearst in Beverly Hills
So, according to the rating Forbes, the most expensive house in the world is a villa media magnate William Randolph Hearst in Beverly Hills : its value reaches $ 165 million There once were shooting the movie " The Godfather ." At less than $ 10 million worth of Tim Blikset Palace , which is located near the ski resort in Montana. Bran Castle in Romania worth $ 140 million It was built in 1212 , according to legend , he belonged to Count Vlad Third , the prototype of Dracula.

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Bran Castle in Romania
Previously such expensive homes bought Americans , Arabs and Europeans , but growth states in China, India and Russia led to the fact that the representatives of these countries have also become active buyers in the segment of the most exclusive real estate. So , this year, the ten most expensive houses in the world and entered the mansion of Russia . Estate near Moscow "Eurasia", valued at $ 100 million , shared sixth place with mansions Tranquiliti at Lake Tahoe in the U.S. and Waterfront Estate in Turkey.

"Eurasia" is located 17 km from Moscow towards Rublevo Assumption highway . The total area of ​​the house - about 10 thousand square meters. m, and the infield land - 5.4 hectares.
The residence includes a spacious master's house , two guest houses and a recreation center , which consists of a sports complex and home receptions, connected by a covered gallery . In residence also includes the administration building ( there are rooms for security guards and attendants ) , garage for three cars for family and guest parking for 20 cars. The house itself is decorated with expensive granite and marble , and the roof - golden copper, along the entire perimeter of the main building extends an open gallery , and on the second floor - a vast balcony. Naturally, engineering equipment home meets all modern standards and integrated in intelligent home control . "Eurasia" - one of the few so-called " smart homes ", which he is able to turn on the lights or air conditioning in the room.

Estate near Moscow "Eurasia"
In the "Eurasia" extensive gardening area, which is carefully planned by French designer Philippe Niezov . The inhabitants of the estate can enjoy views of the forest , an artificial lake and the river, which originates in the forest , turn to the front of the house and again hiding in the thicket. Across the river is crossed by footbridges and on lawns located wooden gazebo . The internal space of the house is also carefully considered . To create comfort was drawn by one of the masters of feng shui world renowned Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai .
Each of the guest houses provided several bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. In sports complex whole first floor is designed for a huge swimming pool . Finishing complex sustained in oriental style : ceiling of the room is made in the shape of a dome and decorated with imitation of the sky . In addition, the "Eurasia" built a dozen different baths for every taste : Turkish , Finnish and Russian . Do not forget about the creators and other attributes stay in the house has a large reception restaurant area that can be converted into a conference hall with a stage , and in the basement - an extensive wine cellar . On the ground floor of the house is a traditional Japanese garden with patio stones , and the second - a private cinema . Overall, this house was created in order to satisfy any, even the most sophisticated demands of its owner.
In Moscow there are a few objects , a little inferior complex "Eurasia" at cost , and level of comfort . At least , the limits of luxury they clearly crossed. One of them - a mansion in Gorki -2 cost $ 70 million others - four-story mansion area of ​​1800 square meters. m on a plot of 1 ha in Zhukovka : for it requested 50 million euros. There are houses in these two times cheaper , but they also do not fit into the accepted classification .
So milestone of 100 million dollars have already been crossed and in Russia ( such prices abroad have long ceased to be a rarity ) . Real estate market experts believe that the emergence of such an expensive house in the domestic market - is only the beginning and in the near future there will be other similar offers . Win mansions , villas and estates in the high-end segment is growing , and growing demand for them . And although such a high class estate there were no precise evaluation criteria , however there are some key points. These are: the direction , distance from Moscow , the concept of the village , the total area of natural and landscaped terrain features , unique architecture , high quality construction materials , quality engineering services, set the internal infrastructure , security. The higher the quality of all of the above , the higher the price and country estate .

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