The most expensive cities in the world to live

20.12.2013 00:15
Articles about real estate | The most expensive cities in the world to live Venezuela's capital for the first time became the most expensive place in the world for foreigners, say findings ECA International. According to the study , within one year, inflation reached 60 % here , and the prices of consumer goods jumped because of their scarcity. All this resulted in Caracas from the 7th to the 1st place ranking.

Second and third positions are occupied Luanda and Oslo - the city that regularly hit the top of the list. Last year's leader - Tokyo this year has been only in tenth place .

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The first 10-ka rating :

1. Caracas (Venezuela)
2 . Luanda ( Angola)
3 . Oslo (Norway)
4 . Juba ( South Sudan )
5 . Stavanger ( Norway)
6. Zurich ( Switzerland)
7. Geneva (Switzerland)
8. Bern (Switzerland)
9. Basel (Switzerland)
10 . Tokyo (Japan)
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