The most common type of fraud - selling homes and land on a fake power of attorney

15.10.2020 00:15
The most common type of fraud - selling homes and land on a fake power of attorney. Today it is considered that the transaction by proxy - the most risky deal. However, if you purchase a property still in this way, then check its authenticity. This can be done by a notary, who will confirm you in the reality of an existing document, will contact the client and check with him personally, he gave a power of attorney and the reasons for his move. Can also talk with neighbors. Your next move - check the documents for authenticity. Are they an abuse - it is very important.

If you do not have time for any reason to legalize their land or house, selling them independently, not issued the general power of attorney, just as with it, he is quite able to do without you, in any matter relating to your home.

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In the case where the scheme is the purchase and sale of a preliminary agreement, the buyer agrees to the seller in the future enter into a contract of sale object. Using the power of attorney, the buyer draws up real estate on their own, while spending their time and money.

Also important are such moments.

Seller may refuse to conclude a treaty with you, take it back and cancel the transaction. Force him to sell the property has no right to any trial.

Sellers, power of attorney, also have the right to cancel it at any time. In this case he is obliged to notify their customers. After that, the seller will be decorated with their real estate with your help, thank you for. The purchaser remains with the nose.

It is strictly forbidden to buy property or land with amorphous documents.

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