The mortgage program will be a revolution

12.04.2012 08:45
Articles about real estate | The mortgage program will be a revolution The main thing in a new mortgage program that the President drew attention to the construction industry. Construction industry - budget-. It can handle about 10 million people, 1.5 million - on the construction of the rest in the co - production of building materials, transportation, metallurgy, etc. I am very pleased that today, at the head of the Presidential program to provide money for the revitalization of the industry has become a mortgage.

Mortgages have existed before 2008, when it was attractive to the population in the region of 9-10%. If the state finds the funds will determine the category of concessionary, which will encourage, perhaps, some categories, and will provide interest-free loans. At least we have today is on the order of 1.2 million people. In the Ukraine, the current level of development among the lowest in the world - 0.2 square meters. meters per capita. In other European countries the figure is closer to 1 sq.m. As you can see a huge pent-up demand.

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Relatively voiced 2-3% on the mortgage. We in the law, this figure is provided, and the program has been operating for ten years - support for young families, who receive compensation through the Youth Foundation funding. Partially offset this interest from the local budgets, partly from the state. Volume compensation for 2011 totaled 112 million USD. At the end of 2012 was amended and now the interest rate on loans to finance construction and acquisition of affordable housing is set at a discount rate of National Bank of Ukraine, plus 2%. And in the case of credit from the budget under the "Affordable Housing" - at 3% per annum.

The "Affordable housing" shows the following parameters: if we used 100 million UAH of state funds in 2011, people have brought 256 million USD. And the money got into the economy of our state. Then, in the form of tax on that money, about 100 million UAH. returned to the budget, so the state has not lost anything. And if we tweak the mechanism of the "Affordable Housing" and reduce the rate of mortgage lending, I am sure that many more people will bring money, because the only investor housing - population. Other investors can not be. Must first respond to the local authorities because they are required to protect doctors, teachers, utilities, drivers of public transport - create normal conditions. You can continue the program of 50 to 50: 30% paid by the state, 20% of local budgets, 50% - 3% of the population under. Then the level of compensation may be lower than for the state and the logic of such a program is a go.

Former President paid no attention to this problem. I personally designed the double request the President, why do not you execute the laws, which have signed? After all, if the President signs the law, he took him to the execution of all authorities. Received the answer: Tymoshenko instructed. And then the clerk is associated with my assistants to the question: what to write to him? And today I am sure that the mortgage program will be a revolution.

The interest rate on your mortgage must be such that could protect the construction industry - budget-I emphasize once again. In some countries, the zero tax rate in Japan of 0.5%. But there is a long-term money, there are opportunities to save. We have, unfortunately, long-term money today is not, as a result, we have 17% rate on the mortgage.

Irina Akimov, deputy chief of staff, called the planned funding this year in the area of ​​1-2 billion UAH. I think the money for a mortgage will not be subsidized with money, and therefore does not become an additional burden on taxpayers. It will be money that will come in the budget above those figures, which are now spelled out in the budget. Special provision will be developed, which is 2-3% of the mortgage. To date, such a mortgage, there is only one country in Europe - Switzerland is, in all other countries, the interest rate is higher. Regarding the timing of the program, the President gave up the month of May - let's wait and see then.
Igor Lisov Honorary President, TMT "Liko-Holding"
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