The mortgage market will be no earlier than a year or two

03.08.2011 13:30
Articles about real estate | The mortgage market will be no earlier than a year or two Mortgage market in Ukraine will be no earlier than two years. This opinion was expressed in the comments FINANCE.UA Unex Bank chairman Andrei Yatsura.

"To date, no mortgage rates, hence no mortgage as a product. Situation someone finances some projects, but it is considered individually. Some banks are positioning themselves as a mortgage, but they simply define the limits for a small financing. While this is no market , and I think he will appear not earlier than a year or two, "- said the banker, adding that the price of mortgages is determined by supply and demand.

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"Previously, the demand for housing was high, and he is a part of the warming up of the banking system because it gave shelter to the consumer long enough and cheap loans," - from the methyl Yatsura.

The banker said that according to Ukrainian legislation, banks are no mechanisms for the return and the realization of collateral apartments. With such arrangements, I am convinced expert of, the borrowers would be aware of financial risks and were willing to sell mortgaged property, record losses and get out of debt interactions with the bank.

"If there are mortgaging apartments, the bank would have gladly parted with them, reducing its portfolio of troubled mortgages. But since it does not trigger these mechanisms, then the market can not develop. For we do not demand the consumer flats, because few people with normal incomes officially confirmed, lending no prices either. Therefore, the mortgage market can not operate a civilized manner. Some banks will take this risk, some not, but on the whole banking system will long to return to those rates I used to see "- summed Yatsura.
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