The minimum price of land in Ukraine - about 3 thousand hryvnia per hectare

25.01.2011 09:42
Articles about real estate | The minimum price of land in Ukraine - about 3 thousand hryvnia per hectare The minimum price of land in Ukraine - about 3 thousand hryvnia per hectare. Such an assessment made Chairman of "Peasant Front, founder of Open Company" Agro Kornatsky Arkady Kornatsky, according to Delo.

"Agricultural business - a business with a long payback. We assume that the payback of the project is 7 years (if the payback is more than 7 years, this business is classified as unattractive). Hence, we must calculate at what price should an investor buy the land so that it is fully paid off in 7 years "- says the expert. He stressed that the allotment should be profitable enough that even without expansion, but to re-open. "According to my findings and practice - should lie at the basis of the minimum price of about 3 thousand UAH per hectare. I will not say that this is a perfect price and it can all arrange-no. But this level of 3 thousand UAH for many years myself and agricultural firms are used as a criterion of minimum prices, and in practice it works. "

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According to Arcadia Kornatsky advisable to split payment of the following stages: "So, we pay not only the monetary part of the price, but after the foreclosure had actually pay each former owner of the land annuity," he says.

Recall that the government declares the intention not to renew the moratorium on selling agricultural land in Ukraine as of 1 January 2012. The officials said that the land market in Ukraine has earned to be taken two basic laws - "On the Land Cadastre" and "On the land market." "These laws should contain a balanced rules, which are beneficial for the investor and the owner put on, if so decided to take them. Although in my opinion, the meaning of these laws specifically inflated to the level of stumbling blocks. In fact, this legal nonsense, because we have a law which regulates the land market. And this law - the Land Code of Ukraine "- said Arkady Kornatsky -" It is necessary for the functioning of land market regulations, is another question - what is needed to improve these standards. "
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