The market value of the metropolitan land amounts to 2 trillion. UAH.

14.01.2011 18:05
Articles about real estate | The market value of the metropolitan land amounts to 2 trillion. UAH. Cost Kyiv land is 330 billion USD and the market price of land and resource potential Kyiv is estimated at nearly 2 trillion USD.

About this at today's board meeting of the Kyiv City State Administration on the issue of land use of the capital, said first deputy director KP "Kiev Institute of Land Relations" (KP KIZO) Leonid Nowakowski, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

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"According to the normative assessment of the monetary value of land in Kyiv is 330 billion USD. If you compare this cost with the cost of other land in Ukraine, I should note that the value of all agricultural lands that were transferred to private ownership to citizens of Ukraine to progress in land reform, and this 30 million hectares, is 340 billion USD, or a total of 10 billion UAH more, "- said A. Nowakowski.

"We need to have the impact of this potential in shaping the city budget. I think in the next decade to raise the issue of that in the structure of revenues to the city budget resources of the earth is not less than 25%. Thus, we must approach the level that is in the capitals of European countries ", - emphasized A. Nowakowski.

According to him, to this end should be activated at full power system of charging rent for the land. "Now in the land legislation in constant use can have a land only state-owned enterprises and organizations, utility companies and organizations, religious organizations and people with disabilities.

All others can not have land on the right of permanent use, and must have land on the right to rent. We have approximately 300 hectares of land now is, who are in constant use from which to pay land tax at a rate of 1%, while for the land shall be paid the rent, the amount of which begins with 3% and ends at 12%, - said the first deputy director of the KP KIZO.

To date, 75% of the total number of contracts, the rent is less than 3%, while the law should be 3-12%.

In addition, he said today is an important and topical issue of regulatory monetary valuation of lands. "I think if we are in 2013, deploy the new legal assessment of lands, we need to do in 2012, it will also increase at least in 1,3-1,4 times the size of income and thus we have the basis for substantial replenishment of the city ", - said A. Nowakowski.

At the same time he stressed the need to develop plans for land and economic unit in the city, which should appear almost immediately after the approval of the master plan of development of Kyiv.

"We should be on every plot of land not only have up to date information, but also have information on how this site will be used to run under the general plan, which figures in this section (at a cost, control and so on), which act on the restrictive zone This area will be formed as a natural reserve fund, as will be land and zoning, "- said A. Nowakowski.
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