The Management Company has developed a scheme in mortgage

26.10.2010 18:20
The Management Company has developed a scheme in mortgage Pallada Asset Management is attracting investors in order to give quick loans secured by real estate for more than 20% per annum. Discount more than 50% can make the scheme interesting, say experts.

Management company "Pallas Asset Management has developed a scheme of credit secured by real estate with a private investment fund for qualified investors. The basis of the scheme - issuing fund loans secured by real estate in less time than do banks, and with less documentation requirements.

Instead assumed discount mortgage in 50-70% and the rate of 20% per annum. "If the required documents, we can issue a credit for one or two days, taking into account the document collection is usually the procedure takes one to two weeks - during which time it is impossible to collect the documents that meet the requirements of the bank, besides, we are ready to work with borrowers who are not satisfied banks ", - said Tatiana Smirnova, CEO of" available credit "- an exclusive partner of the eponymous fund.

"Pallas" is already working on this scheme in the CUIT "Pawnbroker", but his circle of investors is very limited. Fund "available credit" is planned to offer a wider range of market-qualified investors, and eventually its shares will be displayed on the MICEX, said General Director of "Pallas" Ivan Rudenko. Now with the available credit is already working NPF Neftegarant "and" Social protection for old age. " Get the comments in these NPF yesterday failed.

Loans will be for a period of six months to three years, the real return on investment, taking into account management costs and title insurance and life of the borrower is expected to reach 14-15% per annum in rubles and the risk of capital losses are expected to converge to zero. "I do not see the delay in the portfolio - when a man realizes that he could lose the apartment for 40% of the cost, it is better to sell it for 80% and will pay" - says Smirnoff.

Many banks still sell apartments, inherited as a result of the crisis: "While residential real estate is trading at 30% of the peak, and that is not heard that these apartments are scattered like hot cakes", - said deputy general director of Allianz ROSNO Management Asset Dmitry Vasyutinskii. The project may be eligible for life in case of long-term funds, but investors must clearly understand whether the risks are offset yield of 15% per annum, he said. However, the Alliance Rosno also thinks about these products and consult with clients about this, says Vasyutinskii.

Funds for the formation of two funds (125 million and 100 million rubles.) Already collected, and according to Smirnova, comfortable enough distributed shares worth up to another 25 million rubles. a week. "

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