The law on «the use of garden, gardening and dacha plots: fear had previously

03.11.2010 07:46
Articles about real estate | The law on «the use of garden, gardening and dacha plots: fear had previously Closely related to the adoption of the federal law "On Amendments to Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation to clarify the legal regime for the use of garden, gardening and dacha plots, which prohibits the construction of residential units on agricultural lands. Massive press the panic associated with it, it seems amazing. After all, the problem for those who own plots with the permitted use under the country house construction, will not start after the adoption of this law, they have already begun - with the purchase of a plot that resulted in the complexity of social life support.

Everything was clear and to the introduction of this bill, because the state is obliged to think about its people and facilities in the city, and about living in the gardening one must think not. But at a resolution of recording at home in such places, it turns out that the state must guarantee citizens the realization of constitutional rights to welfare, but he had no money on it. Even if you sign up for gardening by the decision of the Constitutional Court (which is possible when gardening refers to the lands of settlements, such as gardening almost there), then perhaps this will solve the problem? For you will have an extra ambulance chamber in a hospital or fire can drive up to your site? At a resolution of registration in horticulture social structure nearest the municipality would have to increase at times, but on what means?
Even before the new law the State emphasized that if you live in a house on a plot of gardening, the livelihood is solely your concern. All natural, no terror in the horticulture industry. If you're a gardener - so be it, use the land for agriculture or recreation, as required by law. This next stage of knocking off the market speculators who purchased for a pittance of agricultural land and paid a penny tax for them.
The press has often argued that the project will ruin maloetazhku. That will not happen. Transfer of agricultural land in individual house building and engage in integrated development with the creation of all conditions and infrastructure that will ensure the needs of residents in the township residents. And those who use loopholes in the law - just misleading people and creates problems for them - and for it to respond. After the construction of settlements - the most socially-oriented type of business, and developers are working honestly care not only about her, usually delayed in time benefit, but also about the comfort of people.

Comment on behalf of the Director General of OOO NevaInvestProekt "Krasnenko Maxim Vasilyevich.
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