The law on the promotion of construction: evaluation of innovations

18.10.2008 00:00
October 16, the Law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on facilitating the construction of N 509-VI", which amended the regulations concerning land relations, urban planning, permitting procedures and public hearings. Builders endorsed novovvedeniya.Kak reported in the press service of the Ukrainian Construction Association (UCA), the Act highlights the need to create a more transparent process of public hearings, the simplification of licensing procedures for construction, but also prescribe the procedure to commissioning.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of UBA Lion Partskhaladze, in particular, noted that this procedure is currently very lengthy, confusing. "The adoption of clear and transparent procedures will reduce the burden of payments to various authorities, which in turn will enable faster build housing and make it more affordable for the Ukrainians", - he explained.

"The value of this law, above all, that it may contribute to the protection of investments in the construction industry. This is currently one of the most pressing issues, as many investors began to slow down its plans to work in Ukraine", - underlined the LS Partskhaladze .

In UBA also believe that adoption of this document - it is an essential step in the development of construction, indicating that "our government understands the importance of this industry, as ekonomikoobrazuyuschey.
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