The law «On the land market will increase its value by 2 times

17.03.2011 10:25
Articles about real estate | The law «On the land market will increase its value by 2 times March 16, held a roundtable with the participation of Kim Berestove Deputy Head of Donetsk Regional State Administration, during which the heads of district departments of land resources and the heads of agricultural companies took part in the discussion of the Law of Ukraine "On the land market."

These three projects of the Law on the land market, the first of which was proposed Goskomzem, the second developed the people's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Ivan Hare, and the third project presented a group of collaborators, people's deputies - Paul Sulkowski, Valery Bevzenko, Eugene Segal, Sergei Tereshchuk, Roman Tkach .

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"We gathered today to discuss 3 of the bill and make suggestions for improvement. Today, negotiations on that based on the three projects was formed one. The final version of the Law "On the ground" will be posted on the website of the State Committee in late March, "- with these words of Kim Berestova, addressed the roundtable.

According to Natalya Sigitovoy, Chief of the State Committee of the Donetsk region, all three of the draft law have similar items, but each of them there, and innovation. Valeria Bevzenko bill proposes sale of land under the terms of competition, rather than an auction, as it is today. The law also says that to buy the land could only person who has education or experience in agriculture.

Item prohibiting changes earmarked the land for 15 years, as it is listed in the Law "On Land Market" Ivan Zajc, registered in the other two bills. But, according to Natalia Sigitovoy this statutory provision does not quite match the requirements of time. Innovation document developed Goskomzem can be called pre-sale requirement agrochemical analysis of land, which was last performed in 70 of the last century.

"We do not know the current quality of land, respectively, and what is today its objective value, because in the land valuation should take into account the agrochemical factor", - said Natalia Sigitova.

Controversial point of all the bills was the question: who has the right to buy land in Ukraine? Natalia Sigitova explained that at first the law was written that the buyers of land may be Ukrainian citizens - individuals and legal entities. But because of fears of developers that it is impossible to monitor whether all legal persons are citizens of Ukraine, the law is not written right on the ground of legal entities.

Natalia Sigitova also said that the new law will increase the cost of land is approximately 2 times on the basis of peer review, but it shall not be less than the normative assessment that in the Dnipropetrovsk region was 12 per thousand hryvnia.

SLC is also proposed to restrict the maximum size of the plot, which can be sold in one hand - 610 ha. The law "On the ground," Ivan Zajc limits the size of area of ??100 hectares of land.

In conclusion, the Roundtable Natalia Sigitova added: "I see a new law on land market" only as a symbiosis of all three proposed bills that we have at the end of March. "

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