The Law on Land Registry earn in 2013

14.07.2011 09:41
Articles about real estate | The Law on Land Registry earn in 2013 The main advantage of the law is that it systematically rules that used to be in a variety of regulations and a significant number of explanatory letters. The law defined a detailed list of information to be contained in the land registry, and, importantly, established not only the lists of documents that are the basis for entry in the inventory, but the formal requirements of such documents (eg, no patches). Obviously, this will lead to problems with land registration, as documents of title are not always in perfect condition.

In fact, the land register under the Act, a new information system, in which data will be entered from the old inventory for free and automatically. The new inventory will not only exist solely in electronic form, but also contain graphical information. In this case, it is logical to look the norm to provide free online access to information, land register on the website of the State Committee.

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Of all the changes in the system of land registration, introduced by the Act, special attention should be two.

First, the Act introduced the concept of "formation of the land," which means identifying the land as the object of civil rights in this case, the Act provides that a transitional period of "formation" will be based on the materials inventory conducted by local authorities.

Second, the law distinguishes between registered encumbrances and restrictions on land use: the restrictions are recorded in the land registry, the same weights to be registered in order of registration of property rights and their charges (which makes sense, provided a proper registration system).

It should be noted that the law of the land registry has not yet submitted to the President, so that we can hardly expect the signing and enactment of the law until the autumn. In general, the law should be put to January 2013 
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