The Law of Ukraine «About regulation of urban development» - the hope of architecture?

07.07.2011 13:23
Articles about real estate | The Law of Ukraine «About regulation of urban development» - the hope of architecture? In the architects a chance to better realize their creative ideas into real projects. All because the law provides new opportunities for investors and architects, effective cooperation which will allow to build without corruption schemes and by certain dates.

"The Law of Ukraine" About regulation of urban development, "hailed as the hope of architecture. It establishes the legal and institutional framework in this area and provides favorable conditions for business development and construction in general. This is a document, adapting Ukrainian legislation to European standards." Law, which we say - progressive. He brings the work of the architect to the standards of work in European cities. He would make and architects, and investors to work in market conditions ", - says Igor Sokolov, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine.

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The law came into force in March this year, in May, the President of Ukraine made a few amendments, but the architects today consider this document a significant step forward for the development of infrastructure of cities and towns. The delay means and procedures for the implementation of projects previously limited the potential builder.

"The law sets rules for the customer, so he knew how to arrange their business affairs, that is, how to invest and which would be guaranteed. The law should help to overcome corruption, but we need to develop specific mechanisms for its implementation, and this part of the work still ahead "- said during a roundtable Vadim Zhezherin, president of the Kiev National Union of Architects.

In general, the law will reduce travel time and the negotiation of licensing procedures, identify specific responsibilities for the project architect, will give some of the functions of state regulation and control of self-governing organizations. However, the document needs work to develop effective mechanisms for the application of certain provisions.
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