The Law of the fine for delay of state certificate of land will not change the situation on the market

25.07.2011 09:32
Articles about real estate | The Law of the fine for delay of state certificate of land will not change the situation on the market Today, the law comes into force # 3521-VI, which establishes liability for violation of an official state certificate issuance date on the title to the land.

In particular, for violation of the 30-day period, granting free land to the state certificate officials expect a fine of 20-50 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (340-850 USD). Acts committed by a person in a year was subjected to administrative punishment for the same offense, shall be punishable by a fine of $ 50-200 non-taxable minimum (850-3400 UAH).

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As commented partner at the law firm "Consulting efficiency," Chairman of the Committee on Law Ukrainian Real Estate Club Vladislav Kisil, the changes are not material.

"The situation with the registration of land rights has been and remains dismal. The bodies of land resources, in effect, ignored the requirements of the Land Code, which established a simplified procedure for registration of rights to land by putting a remark, "- said V. Kisil.

The lawyer also reminded that in 2009 land law was amended to provide for the possibility of simplified registration of transfer of rights to land. "The procedure provides that in most cases, the alienation of sections of the development of state acts is generally not required, and the entire registration procedure is affixing a special stamp on the act of the seller, which is sewn to the sales contract. Furthermore, Article 126 of the Land Code of Ukraine states that the time limit for registration of transfer of ownership of land is 14 days, "- commented the expert.

In practice, as shared Vladimir Kisil, under various pretexts, bodies of land resources in the field illegally refused to make registration by requiring owners to develop state acts on the right of property instead of putting a mark. "Development of state certificates, often lasting years, and cost the owner significantly more expensive", - said yurits.

"In summary, we note that the process of obtaining land ownership will be facilitated only when the authorities stop the land has lasted more than two years of practice cynical violation of the Land Code of Ukraine. Adoption of the law, unfortunately, can not be regarded as a necessary condition for it "- summed B. Kisil.

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