The Land Registry of Ukraine will be available on the Internet

07.02.2011 15:56
Articles about real estate | The Land Registry of Ukraine will be available on the Internet The people's deputies Valeriy Bevzenko, Roman Tkach and Ruslan Lukyanchuk have a bill "On State Land Cadastre". According to the memorandum, the bill proposed to resolve the issue of maintaining state land cadastre. In particular, it is proposed to change the procedure of state registration of land.

If the current state registration of the land is held during each transaction with the land, and includes a procedure for issuing state deeds or registration of leases, the bill this procedure effectively reduced only to the award of a land plot cadastral rates at its formation.

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The draft law sets the base, the procedure and terms for state registration, defined an exhaustive list of documents on land management and evaluation of land that is the basis for entering data into the SLC.

In this case, the document is determined that the analysis of submitted documents and make all information about the plot by the territorial authorities of the central executive authority on land resources. The bill proposes to establish a general term to make information about land and land in the State Land Cadastre - fourteen days from the date of submission of required documents.

The document establishes an exclusive list of information, the basic requirements for opening, maintaining and closing of the Uniform State Register of Rights - a document of the State Land Cadastre, which contains information about a specific plot.

In addition, the rules of the bill proposing the deletion of the Land Code of the mandatory state registration of the limitations in the use of land, directly established by laws and adopted in accordance with these regulations.

Instead it is proposed to set binding limits in the documentation for land, land registry.

Document are invited to open the SLC data with open access to the Internet, except for information, free distribution is prohibited by law.

Lifting of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land provides for the adoption of laws "On State Land Cadastre" and "land market".
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