The land market will not change for 5 years

09.02.2011 11:28
Articles about real estate | The land market will not change for 5 years The land market will not change significantly in about 5 years, says a leading expert on Agriculture, Land and Environmental Affairs Center Razumkov Vladimir Zhmutsky, the correspondent of RBC-Ukraine.

"Because the rules of the draft laws, which are represented in the Cabinet of Ministers and BP (which creates) economic levers for unprofitable land sales and changes in purpose designed for 5 years" - said Zhmutsky.

Also, according to experts, the risks of reducing the area of agricultural land in Ukraine is minimal.

"If you read the draft laws (to lift the moratorium on the sale of land for farming purposes), it is clear that there exist rules that constrain" squandering "of agricultural land. Used by some economic levers that make the unprofitable sale of farmland or transfer them to other land uses "- the expert believes.
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