The land market can chaos

11.07.2010 20:18
In case of cancellation of the moratorium on sale of land in the next year there is a risk that the Ukrainian land become the property of several groups.

In addition, the land market can chaos. Before you lift a moratorium is necessary to take some important decisions. This opinion was expressed UBR interview Alex Lissitsa president of the Ukrainian club of agrarian business.

"The market may be in chaos. Because that really determine the price of the land before the end of the year will be very difficult. The second question - the question of ownership of land. As we know, we have to date, 6 - 7 million people who officially own the land shares. We are at the disposal of a 06.05 acres of land. Another question we have 5 million people live abroad, which, in principle, have the right to own land.

We, today, nobody really say where, what resources, where whose acres. Especially in areas such as Chernihiv, Sumy, Zhitomir, Western region. All wooded. And this question really - central. First, you need to implement an electronic system inventory in Ukraine ", - the expert believes.

It is also necessary to determine the price of land, said Lissitsa: "Not rated, which is today - 10,000 per hectare, and that fact is established through auctions, the sale of lands owned by the state.

For the farmers it will be an incentive and understanding of what the cost of land in one way or another region. And for potential investors - is a signal in which direction the state.

And just say that we want to enter the land market and to change the law - it's all fine, I understand that this is a positive signal to the market. However, the introduction of all this is much more complicated than we think. "

Recall, the President presented a program of economic reforms in 2010-2014. As part of the development of agriculture and land reform, development project involves improvement of land relations in Ukraine.

In particular, it is proposed: the creation of a transparent land market, development of an effective mechanism for transfer of agricultural lands, the creation of an electronic inventory of national land and appropriate land-informatsinnoy database, an inventory of land resources, simplification of the mechanism of land allocation for construction.
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