The land market and suburban real estate can not recover from crisis

07.09.2010 20:10
Articles about real estate | The land market and suburban real estate can not recover from crisis The land market and suburban real estate still can not recover from the crisis. Contrary to statements by realtors and speculators unit deals here, says "Focus."

Yuri Kievlyanin this year would be closer to President Yanukovych. 28-year-old manager of a commercial entity decided to build his own "suburban residence" where wealth is the head of state - in the village of New Vyshgorodskogo Petrovac area.

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However, Yuri klyunuv not place the prestige - it attracted local prices of land, which for two years of crisis have fallen by nearly half. Now, one hundred square meters of land you can buy for $ 3 thousand, while in 2008 in its cost was $ 5.5 thousand analyst company SV Development Sergey Kostecki explains this amenability sellers. "They have not forgotten that direction has become not so long ago - only five years ago, after having settled here Viktor Yanukovych and Arseniy Yatsenyuk," - says the expert.

Slightly less, about 40%, prosily prices and Obuhiv Brovarskom areas, a third - in Kiev-Kiev Boryspil and directions. But despite the significant reduction in the cost of land, buyers have been reluctant to align courses among the hundreds of cheap.

Land and People

According to Ukrainian President Alexander Okhrimenko Analytical Center, weak demand in suburban areas due to lack of credit, as land bought before the crisis mainly through bank loans. Case Capital Accountant Hope Ivanchenko - proof. In 2007 she became the owner of 20 ares of land on the outskirts of the village Kalinovka Brovarskogo Raion, paying $ 60 thousand Since the cost of its area fell twice. But here a paradox: the way the land was more affordable for Jane than the current cheap. And all because most of the amount it gave in bank debt. "It is a loan I unable to" pull even the current lower prices, "- said Mrs. Ivanchenko.

Do not rush to buy cheap hundredth even speculators. According to Yaroslav Tsukanova, an independent expert who sells land, this category of buyers seriously obpeklasya in crisis skupyvshy 1000 hectares that are now impossible to sell. These huge areas that once were kolhosp lanamy located far from the fence taken away by developers for resale deshevtsi cottage villages.

But cottage construction stopped, and private investors who wish to build only one house site away from civilization, where spend big money to develop its own infrastructure is needed. Fortunately a lot of easy options out. 'This year sentence exceeds demand repeatedly, - says the president of the Association of Land Union of Ukraine Andriy Koshil. - But this offer virtually no demand. "The land market is sleeping" - confirms the trend Natalia Dotsenko-Belous, a lawyer with the law firm of Agriculture Vasil Kisil and Partners.

On the existence of huge "ownerless" and indicate areas indirectly by the State Committee for Land Resources. According to the department over the past four years, the area of agricultural land in Ukraine decreased by 128.9 hectares. This area of residential buildings increased by only 31 thousand hectares. The difference is impressive, even considering that part of the former collective farm fields went under the hammer for industrial purposes.

Resting land and regions. For example, in Odessa, according to Deputy Director of local real estate agency president Lyudmila Sokolova are only cheapest hundreds that are far from the town, because adjacent areas are still very expensive. Yes, Ovidiopol's'ka hectare area of land worth $ 8.25 thousand in Illichivsk - $ 8.6 thousand, and in the direction Kominternovskogo thousand-$ 6.28

In the outskirts of the city very different prices. In particular, the most expensive Pustomytivsky hectare in area is estimated at $ 2.9 thousand

As Donetsk, here is how in 90 years - prices are formed depending on the situation. "Land market in the region does not exist" - says Maxim Sidorsky, head of the analytical department of the local development company "Hertz".

How much does a house with trees?
A little more recovery observed at the suburban real estate. However, buyers are interested in only the cheapest deals - giving value to $ 30 thousand

But the huge amount released to the market of large uncompleted building while there is no demand. These estates are usually built for resale, hoping to make a difference in price. But after completion of the crisis have not become as prices collapsed by 70% and no longer cover the cost of construction. In addition, many houses built on credit.

In Kiev prices still remain "Realty" has been a month sold 80% built cottage for $ 550 thousand

By the way, contrary to predictions, and abode not always very stable segment very large and expensive homes VIP level in prestigious areas. It is not because potential buyers money ran out, and that ended the most potential buyers. Most wealthy people already have got houses, and the influx of fresh "new Ukrainian" prevented the crisis, explains Andrew Koshil association with "Land Union of Ukraine.

Not hundreds of gold
"Since the beginning of this year, our agency has already sold dozens of land and buildings", - says Irina Lukhanin, CEO of the agency "gospel." Elena Kotenko, Director of Marketing Planet Obolon also claims that demand for such property increases. However, the exact number of transactions these agencies to report abandoned. This suggests that mediators, as in the case of the secondary housing, just manipulate information. Andrew Koshil of the Association of Land Union of Ukraine in general, sharp estimates of market demand virtual calling today. And Jaroslav Tsukanov believes that the intensification of market rumors dismiss the same speculators, in which hung a huge tracts of land. "I would dream that a revival was true, but - unfortunately! - Experts say that a living just selling lots.

In this regard, it is doubtful look Realtors predictions about the future rise in land and country houses. According to the agency "gospel", it could happen in autumn. Predict rise in SV Development. But experts not connected with the sale of real estate in their assessments more restrained. Thus, the deputy chairman of the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers Natalia Lebed believes that at least two years, land prices will remain at current levels. As for the rise buildings, it can wait only one year.

Catherine Shapoval, "Focus"
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