The Japanese will build low-rise Russia

18.10.2010 17:52
Articles about real estate | The Japanese will build low-rise Russia Low activity of Russian developers in the construction of cottage settlements economy class provided an opportunity for foreigners to take this market segment.

First to call the authorities to build low-rise Russia responded to Japan's Sekisui House Ltd. Largest Construction Corporation of Japan starts in Moscow its first Russian project. The developer bought the site and found a partner - a group of Kaskad Family3D.

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About Sekisui House debut in the Russian real estate market have told representatives of foreign consulting companies. The company intends to build a housing estate near Moscow. For these purposes, the Japanese have already purchased 20 hectares of land in and found a Russian partner. According to senior vice-president of the Russian representative Andrei Zakrevskogo Knight Frank, a consultant to the project Sekisui House is a company Kaskad Development - head group structure Kaskad Family3D. The construction division of the group - Kaskad Construction - will the erection of Japanese houses of wood and metal frame.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Kaskad Family3D Valery Mishchenko confirmed this information, but refrained from further comment. Sekisui House has entered the Russian market housing with a pilot project, the curator of the National Agency which serves low-rise and cottage construction (NAMIX), confirmed the president of the agency Elena Nikolaeva. Corporation of Japan is already a member NAMIX. In Sekisui House did not respond to a request to RBC daily.

In 2008, Sekisui House has studied the possibility to build in the Tver region two factories for the production of wooden houses from glued beams. Potential partners, corporations were Metropol "and" daughter "Metropol Development. But on the eve of the crisis the board of directors Sekisui House took reshenie3D defer to the Russian market, according to RBC daily, CEO of the Metropol Development "Oleg Korolev.

With their plans in Russia Sekisui House was determined in 2009. The company intends to first build the first houses, and only then develop the work in the construction industry in Russia. According to Mr. Zakrevskogo, the Japanese plan to build plants on their own wooden house.

Parish Sekisui House on the Russian real estate market experts believe a precedent. According to Andrei Zakrevskogo still foreign developers have not ventured to invest in residential projects, especially Japanese investors who are particularly conservative.

Until recently, foreigners have invested primarily in commercial real estate, agrees chairman GK MIC Andrei Ryabinsky. According to senior analyst at research department of Cushman & Wakefield Alexander Zinkovsky, since 2004, foreigners invested in the Russian offices, retail stores and 22.2 billion dollars, but it was money investment funds, rather than developers.

The financial crisis has forced investors to property developers to pay attention to "affordable housing", which became a hit the past two years. Gradually, the economy class comes to a country market, where participants in the crisis of trying to reformat their projects. Landlords and developers suburbs have engaged in the creation of cottage townships, targeting buyers with average incomes.

So, customers Kaskad Family3D, which deals with fee-project development towns economy class, began KB "Discovery", funds Redi Capital, UFG, as well as company Coalco, Greenlife, «MDK-group" and "Rosevrokapital. Under the direction of Kaskad Family is more than 600 hectares of land to build 1 million square meters. m low-rise housing, said Valery Mishchenko. Nevertheless, the lion's share of the proposed "affordable" towns while building plots without a contract.

Sekisui House Ltd. Founded in 1960. Corporate headquarters located in Osaka, and its shares are traded on exchanges in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Sekisui House is among the five largest Japanese investment and construction companies. For 50 years she has built and sold two million homes. Net revenues for the first half of 2010 amounted to 738.8 million yen, up 11% over the same period last year.

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