The Japanese presented the narrowest house in the world

26.10.2010 00:06
Despite the unusual size, the building could provide comfortable accommodation six people. The house, designed by the architectural studio Atelier Tekuto, called Oh House, informs portal<br /><br />Architects neutralized "crushing" effect of the walls of irregular shape of the contour, and the limited space designers used to the maximum, carefully designed lighting scheme, and selecting the right color to paint the walls. Also, the authors of the project is specifically designed for this house functional furniture of light wood with contrasting detail - for example, a table literally "hangs" above the floor.<br /><br />One of the main objectives of the sponsors was placing parking lots - an issue that architects decided by sending a parking lot under the ground and placing the entrance to the house at 1.5 meters below the road level.<br /><br />Staircase located at the entrance leads to the main area of life, two bedrooms and bathroom. Despite the rigorous and minimalist look, the house became very comfortable and ergonomic.<br /><br />
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