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For the first time he stepped on the stage on Dec. 25, 1988. Find out about it and talking. A little later, Alexander Peskov prophetically called "the king of parody." He revived and given a second life to the genre of synchrotron buffoonery. He loves and love. He applauded thousands of spectators from different countries. And nowhere in the world it has no equal in the fact that he does on stage. It really is unique and inimitable.<br /><br /><strong>Alexander, you are building a vacation home, and for this purpose even decided to sell his luxury apartment in Moscow? Why?</strong><br />Yes it's true. We can say that now I realize my childhood dream. I really wanted to have a small piece of land. With the flat part was easy, after all I have invested in its equipment so much soul. But it is necessary ... Now my family and close to the dream. I bought a small plot of land. And I think - this is my most successful acquisition. See, it's a little piece of land, but it is yours. I want to enjoy nature, escape from the chaotic and frenzied city. I aim to be closer to the ground. I have since my mother from the village and is close to me. Now on my site in all construction works.<br /><br /><strong>At what stage is the construction? Already you can see what the interior of your home?</strong><br />I'd say, already have the foundation and walls. It is most important. Hence, the house has already appeared soul. As for the interior, I have already started something to watch. There is a good company. They make the Belarusian natural wood furniture. Tree - simple, elegant, tasteful. Why experiment with something wise.<br /><br />Part of the furniture is likely to take out the old apartment. She is very dear to me because it was made in Italy on my own sketches. I would like to move to a new home all the atmosphere, which I used to. The apartment I have reigned Versace. Constantly had the feeling no one fun event. Everywhere - in the lion's paws, legs, desk and dresser, a characteristic ornament that decorates the window sills, tabletops and walls upholstered furniture.<br /><br />I know exactly what a new home I will definitely bath - Font. Greek or Roman. It would be desirable to have a column. Grapes hang ... As in my apartment, I will adorn the walls with frescoes. From Greece, I brought copies of frescoes Acropolitan museum. True, the old apartment. There I was almost Acropolitan branch museum. One thing I know for a fact - the house will be one hundred percent of the embodiment of my creative and design ideas.<br /><br /><strong>Why did you decide to live out of town? This is a tribute to fashion? For now, many famous people buy their houses.</strong><br />With the flat part is not easy, after all I have invested in its equipment so much soul ...<br />UvelichitS flat part is not easy, after all I have invested in its equipment so much soul ...<br />Honestly, really want to calm the nerves. My site is located in a picturesque location to go is very convenient. And the air, there is! In the city I'm just choking. No city I'm human. After all, before I started building a house, I had a smart apartment, all in the style of the late Roman Empire, with gold leaf ... I was very attached to her, to these walls, but still decided to sell it to buy a piece of land. Many are already entering into the finished house, and I just order. Want to be near my house was unique soul that everything was done in consideration of my wishes.<br /><br /><strong>Services of a designer you have decided to never use it? Why?</strong><br />I believe that I have very sufficient experience in this matter. When we were doing repairs in my apartment, I did were not allowed. The advice only of his personal astrologer. He somehow only one known to him way to determine what I'm in one of his past life was a Greco-Roman blacksmith. And I wanted to reflect this in some way in the interior. And therefore was chosen Greco-Roman style. True, to realize all was actually very difficult.<br /><br /><strong>Why? Much had to remodel?</strong><br />When I think of this repair, I have - the creeps. The apartment itself is in very good house - in the Stalinist high-rise on the "Barricadnaya. For me - a real Moscow. That's why I did not buy houses in the fashionable elite houses. I remember the movies 50-60-ies of old Moscow. I like this period, I like watching movies of those times. It is true the apartment itself was fairly launched. For example, the ceiling was originally a delightful stucco, but during its 50 years since slipped with paint that could be guessed only the outlines of former magnificence. And we are the masters of re-created based on sketches, dressed in gold leaf. I was painting with his own hands.<br /><br />The interior has been sustained Greco-Roman style. I wanted a certain space and bleska.Iznachalno space was divided into two small rooms, such as a kitchen, a corridor with the letter "G" and replete with doors. I immediately decided that I would break it all. We are just sketches drawn more than a hundred. According to him the furniture was made to order in Italy and Spain. There's a lot of know-how. For example, the table is made of glass, and if you remove it from the tablecloth, the apartment becomes visually more spacious. Pink Bedroom - my favorite. We searched for this tone for three days, mixing paint in different proportions. And when found, then the bedroom began to look just the air.<br /><br /><strong>How long lasting repairs to the apartment?</strong><br />About a year. During this time 19 garbage containers were taken. Worked construction brigade Yugoslavs. Very tenacious and professional guys, not hacks. Seemed to himself to do: scrape up all the bricks line the walls. In the end, won another 5 square meters. The apartment is now three large zones: a bedroom, studio and bathroom.<br /><br /><strong>What is your favorite place in the house?</strong><br />I think the bedroom, or rather the bed. I was so exhausting at the concerts that when I go back, I have one desire - to stretch out on the bed, take the TV remote and, in anything especially not looking, not penetrating, flipping TV channels ... In the old apartment I had a delightful bedroom. For me, this room is the holy of holies.<br /><br /><strong>You are friendly people? Love to host friends?</strong><br />I am by nature a very sociable. I love when my house is going to a big company of friends. I have in my living room is a round table. Be sure to round to avoid the corners. For festive occasions, I even have their own signature dish - soup in Peskovskoe. Among other things in the pot add tomato juice, prunes and raisins. I usually cook it in a huge pot, because that leaves all at once!<br /><br /><strong>And abroad, have you ever wanted to get home?</strong><br />To do this, there is always live. If I lived in, say, Las Vegas, I would have a gorgeous house. My profession would be more marketable. I saw the show in Las Vegas and I understand that I work better. Yes, there is a genre parody are investing huge amounts of money, but somehow it all without a soul, without passion. Perhaps that is why me and not pulling abroad.<br /><br /><strong>When do you visit on the tour, we often pay attention to the interiors of those around you? For your home something caring?</strong><br />I try out every trip something to bring. After all, it is primarily the memories of the country and people. I just love all kinds of souvenirs. For example, from Kaliningrad brought two suitcases of gifts themselves. A home bought all kinds of mugs, pillows for the sofa, a beautiful floor lamp. Now here's a look after the place where it is better positioned. And, of course, your dog bring gifts: toys, rugs. At home I have three charming little Yorkshire terrier - Jeremiah, Vadik and Buttercup.<br /><br />Katerina Pavlyukova, PRO Real Estate<br />
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