The house Iryna Bilyk will be an underground bunker

17.10.2010 16:54
Articles about real estate | The house Iryna Bilyk will be an underground bunker This told the People's Artist of Ukraine Iryna Bilyk correspondent of "Facts"<br /><br />- You said that building a villa with Dima ...<br />- It builds Dikusar brother Jaroslaw, he is an architect. Country House I was able to buy only when the crisis began, and prices have fallen by half. Collecting money for many years, but they did not have enough for something decent. Driving past the magnificent castles of their fans, thought: "How it will look like: People's Artist of Ukraine, the famous singer, will live in a small brick house without a toilet ..." For some reason I have always offered a home with a toilet on the street, or one where the plot over the wires of high voltage lines. Perhaps that is recharged. Then I decided not to buy the cottage, and go to visit friends. And thanks to his friend Andrei Zadorozhnogo able to acquire housing in their cottage area. My house is not far from Kiev, Zhitomir on the road, next to the restaurant "Two beaver. Autumn going house-warming party, you're invited to one of the first.<br /><br />- I decided to permanently move out of town?<br />- At one point I do not like to be a long time. From his Kiev apartment want to make a dressing room. I have a lot of costumes for them forever is not enough space. Recently, I was undemanding, this is before loved gold velvet. In the new house a lot of white, gray floor and red accents. Without the red, I can not! The house is a large swimming pool in the yard barbecue and dance floor a la 80's - all in colored light bulbs. Even I will have an underground bunker! ..<br /><br />- For what?<br />- I'm a big coward, and in 2012 will face the world ... But one should not frighten people. In the bunker will be water, food, toilet, five beds. However, I promised my friend-designer Sergei Ermakov, that he will be the sixth.<br /><br />- They say a couple with one of his colleague, you decided to do business?<br />- Tanya and I Nedelskoy planning to open fashion store for the stars and favorite girlfriends. This will be Italian and American brands. After all, these dresses are practically no in Ukraine! Now choose a logo to all who have seen our store showcases revolution at all not just stopped in delight, but also came to visit<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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