The Government will initiate the transfer of inspections GASC under the control of local authorities

03.06.2010 16:33
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine intends to transfer management of the territorial department of the State Architectural and Construction Control (GASC) from the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (Minregionstroy) local executive authorities.<br /><br />The Cabinet of Ministers, in particular, proposes to make corresponding changes to the law "On Principles of Town", "On the design and construction of the territories" and "On Architectural Activity".<br /><br />According to the Director of Urban Development Department, Lviv city council Andrey Pavlov, the proposed changes make sense in a radical change in a control system for construction.<br /><br />"These changes are meaningful only with the change control system for construction. For a long time, we are talking about so-called "construction police", which would have the authority to dismantle the illegally constructed buildings, but real steps to implement this is not ", - said the official.<br /><br />In turn, Lviv city authorities intend to submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a package of proposals relating to the enhancement of penalties for unauthorized construction.<br /><br />"The structure of the city council no bodies overseeing the construction, therefore we can not directly influence this process. We will make proposals to the Cabinet of Ministers of the rigid system of penalties for unauthorized construction in the form of demolition or dismantling, and this should be done by specialized organizations "- is cited Pavlov.<br /><br />Press Service of the Lviv city council also gives examples of unauthorized construction in the city, noting the absence of direct municipal authority to prevent such acts of individual developers.<br /><br />Thus, ZAO Iroks "already built without permission 10-story apartment building on ul. Balzac, nine-and five-story apartment houses on the street. Shevchenko in Lviv, and lays the foundation for even one house on the site illegally seized. Lviv city council filed relevant materials to the court, prosecutor's office and territorial inspection GASC.<br /><br />The functions Gosarhstroyinspektsii and territorial inspection GASC include: issuance and cancellation of licenses for construction work, an audit of timeliness and quality of work at construction sites, issuing certificates of compliance with the completed project design documentation and the requirements of state standards and building codes. <br /><strong></strong><br /><br />
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