The government of Ukraine intends to make the international resort of Crimea

28.12.2010 16:59
The Government of Ukraine intends to turn the Crimea in a world-class resort, using the Turkish experience, said Vice-Premier of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper "Today", released on Tuesday.

"We are now preparing a law on tourism, similar to the Turkish Tourism Act 1982, which developed the Anatolia. It's about the west and east coast of the Crimea", - said Kolesnikov.

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According to him, it is necessary to build a new terminal and new runway in Simferopol, high-speed train on a circular route Simferopol-Alushta-Yalta-Sevastopol.

Vice-Premier said that for 2011 is scheduled to design a new passenger terminal at Sevastopol, and would be designed to run on the western coast of Crimea.

"And we'll explore the technology of desalination water for industrial purposes, which is used in factories, standing in the UAE," - he said.

All conditions, the Cabinet organized the sale of land "on the front line" with the obligation to build exactly the hotel.

According to Kolesnikov, an important problem is to extend the holiday season, which is in Crimea, by international standards, rather short.

Vice-Premier skeptical about plans to create a gaming area on the peninsula.

"We must also not forget what our standard of living" Specific areas such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City to have taken root only in the U.S., where people's incomes are not comparable with ours. We do not have the players to such an extent that they are specially flown in Sevastopol play . Therefore, we look forward to another ", - said Kolesnikov.

According to him, will be established sports infrastructure, above all - a large number of soccer fields to clubs CIS and Eastern Europe to host the Winter collections in Ukraine, not Turkey.

Another focus will be the holding of various business forums and conferences.
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