The Government has decided to support low-rise construction

09.11.2010 17:33
Articles about real estate | The Government has decided to support low-rise construction Vladimir Putin instructed to prepare proposals for the development of low-rise residential development. Such housing has already introduced more than an apartment - and without government involvement.

In the first half, according to Rosctata, most of the habitation entered into operation - 50,3%, or 10.8 million square meters. m - has fallen to individual construction. Apartment buildings have lost leadership in 2008 (48.8%) in the crisis of 2009 m was returned to him - 52,2%.

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Despite the massive low-rise construction in Russia there is no government policy to support it, said members of "Business Russia" Vladimir Putin at a meeting on October 12.

And the prime minister gave instructions and the Ministry of Economic Development Ministry of Regional Development to prepare proposals for the planning areas for low-rise construction economy class (standard Ministry of Regional Development is an individual house of 120 square meters. M plot of 10 hectare. - "Vedomosti"), the reconciliation of these plans and investment programs of natural monopolies, the development of mechanisms of public-private partnerships and the development of legislative base. Putin also asked to study the issue of transfer regions of the right of land over 10 hectares of ownership is not delimited.

So far, the commission has expired, for which Ministry of Regional and Economic Development shall submit to the government proposals on the regulatory framework. According to Director of the Department of Economic Development Andrew Ivakin, the ministry proposed a bill allowing the cooperatives to create low-rise housing and introducing preferential order of allocation of land ("Vedomosti" familiar with the project). Regional Development supported the project, next week is scheduled to discuss it, said Deputy Minister of Constantine Royal.

The bill allows you to create open and closed co-operatives, governs the assignment of the units within them, the rules of exclusion of others, explains Ivakin. Cooperatives can participate in auctions on the distribution of land separately from the developers - now with co-operatives can not compete, "says curator of United Russia's program" The House deputy Alexander Kogan.

If the cooperative is created by a local authority and does not constitute less than half the shareholders in need of shelter, they land in accordance with the draft released for free, and the rest of shareholders - the discount rate (30% of the cadastral value), but the amendment imposes restrictions on the resale of such land . The ban can be avoided, warns lawyer "Yukov, Khrenov & Partners Dmitry Lobachev: amendments allowed bail plots means they may be levied on debts.

Now no advantages for cooperatives in the distribution of land there, said Ivakin. Regional authorities wishing to support the cooperatives have to go to dubious schemes with the withdrawal of land under the control of the company at first, and then - cooperatives, says Kogan.

"Several times were taken for the issue of land allocation to cooperatives under the low-rise building, all attempts failed", - said Governor of the Perm region, Oleg Chirkunov: the region is very much available land, even in the center of Perm.

Adoption of this law will dramatically increase the popularity of the individual building, the president of the National Agency for low-rise and cottage construction Elena Nikolaeva, and the main purpose of this law and other assignments premiere - to separate the price of building low-rise building on investments in infrastructure.

Now actual construction costs from 12 000 to 25 000 rubles. per 1 sq. km. m, "she says, summing up the heating, ventilation and other utilities will add to the cost of 10-15%. But if you add the cost of infrastructure, including roads, electricity and gas, the price meter increases uncontrollably, notes Nikolaev.

Low-rise buildings and profitable entities, which still need to provide housing waiting list, "says Cogan: Bashkortostan experience has shown that the construction of houses economy class costs 800 000-900 000 rub. And the cost in the region to summarize completely all communications to every home - 01.01 , 1 million rubles. is advantageous purchase of an apartment that costs budget of more than 2 million rubles.
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