The future for passive houses

05.09.2010 08:35
Articles about real estate | The future for passive houses What is a passive house?
This is such a property that has an independent power supply system, which needs no additional cost to in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room, explain the experts about the site being built and planned buildings

You may be surprised, but the passive heating of the building is through heat, which distinguish the people living in it, as well as household appliances and alternative energy sources. Hot water in such housing provided by plants, renewable energy, for example, solar collectors or heat pumps.

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The first passive object of residential property built in Germany in 1991. The project is supported by the German Ministry of Economics of the Federal State of Hesse in Darmstadt. The authors of the project were the architects of environmental Vestemauer and Bott-Ridder, and designed and oversaw the implementation of the project Dr. Wolfgang Faust. Since October 1991, four families living there. This room needs to be such a small amount of heat that live in it can not fully abandon heating systems.

A huge difference from the usual environmental housing is that it created so favorable to the human environment, that in winter there is not cold, but summer is not hot.

The main principle that guided the builders of energy-saving buildings, it seems insulation shell, which arranges around the entire facility without breaks. It significantly reduces the possibility of heat loss, and their action resembles a warm coat. By the way, another version of the material - laminated board construction of wooden houses which makes for a truly comfortable.

In today's world, where not involved in the construction of energy-efficient properties, heat loss through walls and roofs of buildings account for around 50%, told reporters the site about construction projects Domobaza Anna Dukhno, business development manager of LLC "KNAUF Insulation" in Ukraine at the forum on "Green Building" organized by "DELTA Proektkonsalt Ukraine.

Therefore, improved insulation of the premises is one of the most important measures for energy conservation.

Regarding the windows, then goes through them about 37% of the heat in the building. Therefore, the passive house windows appear as solar batteries - they concentrate the energy derived from sunlight, and using it for heating the interior. These are special windows that have a high rate of thermal insulation, triple glazing, and heat transfer coefficient of not more than 0,75 Vt/m2K, including window frames and cross-weave window.

It is worth noting that over the past few years, manufacturers of window products come in significant improvements in their quality: the free space between the glass is filled with special gases such as argon, and window frames, for better energy efficiency, combine many different insulation materials. The glass has a special coating that lets you skip the short-wave light rays, but it protects from harmful infrared wavelength sunlight. Thus optimally accumulate heat emanating from the Sun.

If during the construction of ecological buildings use the windows are made of high quality insulating materials, the most comfortable climate in order to find the room Rights has established itself, experts say the site about construction companies Domobaza. These windows are specially designed for use in the passive objects of residential property. On the European market at the moment, about 50 companies offering just such a window.

Knut Drugovich holding the position of Director and is the founder of the holding DELTA in Austria, said: "Increasing energy efficiency projects - a challenge for the future. If you always do what I did before, and you'll get what we were receiving."

So, what are the most popular and frequently used methods for heating by solar energy? In the passive objects of environmental residential real estate widest demand the following:

- The system of direct heating heat emanating from the sun, with glass solarium;

- A system of indirect heating of the building with massive walls of a thrombus.

Solarium, designed as a system of direct heating, which is often referred to as a greenhouse or solar greenhouse, on the basis of his work reminds window direct heating. Therefore, during the construction of a solarium into account the same principles relating to the orientation to the south, the site informs about the construction companies Typical solarium of the number of early projects of passive houses have been constructed and connected to a residential building on the south side in the early 70's. However, three of its walls were made of glass - west, south and east, and the roof was also glassed. South wall of glazed, in most cases, under the slope.

Solarium, as it appears today, is a modified model of the early sun decks, so it is believed that it is more energy-. Typically, such a greenhouse built into the south facade of the building to avoid heat loss through the western and eastern walls. If you heat a greenhouse surrounded by other rooms in the house, its space is becoming an effective focus of a passive object of residential real estate, who works as a "solar fire. In order to minimize the risk of overheating, a passive house, which was almost impossible to avoid when implementing an early draft of greenhouses, the roof design is not made of glass and glazing of the south wall of the building is vertical rather than tilted. Solarium at this present time - is the space of two rows of windows with sliding doors that open into the room several levels for the best circulation of heat received from the sun throughout the house.

But the Trombe wall is a stone wall with glazing, experts said about the site being built and planned buildings domobaza. The heat emanating from the sun falls into the interval between laying stone in the wall and glass, and after that gradually warms the building. Since the window with direct heating and solar greenhouses are nearly transparent, bringing your home with what is around him, and vice versa Trombe wall prevents enjoy the world around them, it should be installed where there is the nature of the house is not desirable.

Do not forget that a comfortable living environment and human activities that can be achieved in passive houses, can significantly prolong his life. Therefore, it is not surprising is the fact that these objects quickly grew popular in the construction world. In addition, environmental properties are a minimum threat to nature. Above the world is looming threat of global warming, which causes excessive release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But 40% of such gases is formed just by burning fuel, which is mainly used directly for heating buildings.

Building passive houses can significantly reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Moreover, people's savings on heating, they will earn, living in such facilities will be about 270 mlrd.evro year. In Europe this is already beginning to arrive, so in many European countries are implementing "green" projects and the construction of energy-efficient buildings.

In Ukraine, for the moment, not being realized, no such project. Among the reasons that we have not implemented green building can be called a lack of legislative base for such projects, the lack of government assistance and support in this area, the high cost required for construction materials and so on. Meanwhile, as the experts told the site about construction projects domobaza Business Development Manager at Knauf Insulation Ukraine Anna Dukhno, during a forum about "green" building, organized by the Delta Proektkonsalt Ukraine, Ukraine ranks second from the end among the European countries where most energy is consumed.
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