The future for economy housing

31.10.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | The future for economy housing On the expensive square footage is currently not the buyer. To stir up the market to build an economy housing. This was in an exclusive comment UBR.UA minister told ZHKG (2007-2010 gg.), The head of the Union of owners of Ukraine Oleksiy Kucherenko.

"These builders have become hostages of speculators. For example builders, or brokers who have created a corrupt gasket between the actual builders, buyers and government officials. They, along with banks, mortgage rocked," cheated "as an invited" balloon. "Prices per square meter unrealistic No one at that price will not buy. Developers are unfortunately among the officials themselves have created a powerful lobby, persuaded them, in fact, a square meter, we will put anything you like, but it's a bribe, doroguschy material and so on, and let the state covers 30 % ", - says ex-minister.

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According to the former official, in the first place must go to the construction of economy housing.

"No more than 400-500 dollars per square meter, and the state should take on a budget or a public-private partnership financing infrastructure" - offers Oleksiy Kucherenko.

By the way, apartment prices remain stable, but the majority of citizens they can not afford. For example, in the capital, two-bedroom apartment, but it is a housing need according to the norms of a family of three people can be bought for 80-100 thousand dollars. With the average salary in the country in 2694 USD. for such a purchase should save more than a decade. Here and there are people in residential lines - today in Ukraine more than a million of those in need.
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