The form of dwellings and their placement in Feng Shui

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The form of dwellings and their placement in Feng Shui You have to properly dispose premises, given that, in accordance with the traditions of feng shui, placing themselves in a certain way the premises, as well as doors and windows in them, we can solve their vital problems. You should avoid any ceiling beams and ledges in the walls, forming a "cutting" corners. Especially dangerous ledges, hanging above the entrance to the premises. The most successful form of buildings, apartments, plots of land - a geometrically correct: square, rectangle, oval and round. Irregular shapes create an unbalanced qi, the various "twists" and "whirlpools." It is always possible to harmonize the energy flow. The main thing - to choose a fulcrum for batansa.

If the shape of the room in the northwest with a recess, at least it does not harm the valuable chi, but still leads to a decrease in sons (trigram Qian - creativity - as if the damage is, and her daughter in the old China was not appreciated). It is also very unfavorable to the respiratory system.

* Removal of only the east is probably a hidden effect, leading to a lack of clothing or food.
* Groove just to the west belongs to the great misfortune to live here can not in any way.
* Removal of only the south - there is a strong tendency to riches, but in the family are constant disputes and scandals, no peace.
* Removal of only from the north - unhappiness, the constant threat of fires.
* Digging in the south-east - is unfavorable for the birth of sons and daughters to grow, but does not harm the rich.
* Digging in the south-west - bad for the stomach and intestines, but in social terms (career, salary), on the contrary, it is useful.
* Digging in the north-east will not be much trouble, but it can affect the digestive system.
* Notches and from the north and south (in terms of looks like the letter "H") - are constantly emerging litigation, and people often get sick.
* Notches to the east and west - all is calm, but it is necessary that life was ordinary.
* Removal of all four corners of the base-m zhilisha or shape of the room - to live in a place not quite.

Form rooms in terms of:

* A broad front, from behind the narrow, forming an inverted form of a ladder - after living here hard to keep the funds also reduced the number of people;
* The right long, left short - born sons or become orphans, or poor;
* A narrow front, rear wide, - forming, in appearance like a ladder - after their stay here will not only enrich but thunder;
* Triangle - the front edge of the rear extension is called "upside-down with a brush." After living here and the people and the state bear the loss. Particularly easy to problems brought by women, or problems threaten women themselves;
* Edge of rear, front broadly - "Mars pulls tail - very bad: there may be a suicide, an incurable disease;
* Left a long, short right (looking from the front door) - after living here suffer the whole family;
* Rounded front, rear square - after their stay here will be wealth and nobility;
* Rectangle stretched from east to west - adversely, especially bad on the north and south sides;
* Rectangle, stretched from north to south - a very favorable form - residents will be rich and famous, to have many children and grandchildren to live in joy;
* Square - very favorable, the entire family waiting for wealth and prosperity.

Form is also correlated with the five elements.

Often, the rooms have an irregular shape, in terms of feng shui is wrong.

Always better to have an office, apartment, house or one room of regular shape - no missing or protruding corners may inconsistencies and bearing trouble. For the conversion of irregularly shaped rooms into the rooms of regular shape can use the screen or just build a wall, which is naturally more expensive. Sometimes for this purpose, suitable, and a bookcase. Screens can be applied in other situations - is a powerful tool for the redistribution of qi. Screens have many advantages, but the main thing is their ease and efficiency. One should also pay attention to the patterns shown on the screen. They should be no sharp corners - a classic favorable.

For example, the circular structure has the energetic properties "of the metal, and energy itself is directed inwards. This form works well and if you consider only the color "metal" - white. Rectangle with a broad base - such as our five-story building - corresponds to the "soil" for his perfect brown, yellow. Curved, wavy lines reminiscent of the flow - the energy of the "water" in colors - black, dark blue. Triangular, cone-shaped waveform to its upward flow of energy - is "fire", and hence the color - red. The Tower represents the growth, strength - the typical energy of the element of "tree", suit all shades of green.

Good option when space is directed to the south, living room located on the west side and garden - on the east.

The number of rooms in the house affects the joys and sorrows. One room - happiness, 2 - no harm, 3 - trouble, 4 - also matter, 5-7 - happiness 8 - misfortune, 9 - Happiness (account and a kitchen, bathroom, etc.).

Very well, when the first living room or lounge is located in the heart of all facilities. It is unacceptable to have a home room for the most part the area of 8 square meters. If the center of the room is zhilisha this area, the children and grandchildren will become unruly, lazy, resulting in the loss of property. If such a room is not in the center and elsewhere, it still remains a tendency for the family gradually zahireet.

At the heart of the home can not have unused space. If located in the center courtyard (in Chinese - celestial pit "), a kitchen or bathroom, this is also attributed to an unlucky placement, this should be possible to escape. Best place in the center of the bedroom.

Rooms within the house, their ratio, size, level relative to each other to attract and influence the circulation of energy. We recommend regular shapes of rooms, proportional to size (too big or too small size is justified only functionally). Ceilings in rooms must not be too high to tenants had not experienced a clamping discomfort.

The landlord should have the biggest and most impressive bedroom. Master bedroom in the heart of the home - good fortune. The other rooms are to be selected and planned in accordance with horoscope homes to make better use of its potential.

If the rooms are suite of rooms - the energy flow through them freely, but all too quickly and does not fall into the side "compartments." But in the last room of the flow is very strong. If this is the bedroom - a place of solitude and rest, good rest do not wait. If the child - the child will always overexcited. And the kitchen is bad: the meal - a sacred thing, because along with the food we get the energy of the universe. And if, in preparing a meal, you feel some discomfort, then the energy would be appropriate, in this situation is put somewhere obstacle - the screen, bamboo curtain. So you eased the flow of energy: the winding ring, it is easy to run through all the rooms, filling them and then click Remove. The flow of energy can be increased or decreased by opening or window curtains, rearranging the furniture.

If, for example, the bed is opposite the door into the corridor, to sleep without closing the door, it is impossible - all the time there will be a feeling of anxiety.

Fans of rustic lovers attics often prefer to leave open ceiling beams. Looks very impressive. But the ceiling beams, located above your chest at night will put pressure, making it difficult to breath. A series of beams in the ceiling creates a ripple, causing concern in the silent "winds" bedroom. The pressure from the beams - as telling blows with a hammer. Because smooth ceiling is always preferable.

Aim for the smooth space wherever possible. Avoid bars or projections on the walls, because they suppress the chi. If, for example, there are beams over the kitchen table, the whole family life will consist of the evidence and arguments. If the beam passes over the bed, there may be health problems or even divorce spouses. If the beam passes through the living room (above the table), we spent or loaned money to never return.

If you can not avoid being under a beam, hang underneath any shining (shining, blinking) or a moving object. The most important thing is to beam does not pass across your body when you sleep, or across any object under it.

Undesirable in the room does not occupied niches and corners, open lugs - they interfere with the free current of energy. Therefore, the niche is better to put the bulk furniture to line the space. In general, the choice of interior - it is a choice of vibration, the choice of energy.

Let's try to beat according to the canons of Feng Shui a room in the house. Choose a home. In Chinese tradition it is the master bedroom.

If the bedroom - not a place of harmony between husband and wife, the consequences would be devastating for the whole of their lives. It is best if this room is in the center of the house. The fact that feng shui is considering housing as a model of the human body and its functions: the front door - "the mouth" cuisine - "stomach", bathroom, toilet - the organs of excretion. And that means that the location of all premises must, to some extent correspond to human anatomy, because we feel more comfortable in something like themselves. In most cases, the houses the bedroom door is always closed. This triggered our genetic memory: If the bedroom - our "ubezhishe", then she must be protected - and the gaze of outsiders, and the irritating odors. So, without knowing it, we confess one more requirement to feng shui - the principle of "cave" - is only preserved in our genes experience of ancestors who had been studying to survive in the wild: the back should be protected, and in the face - an open space to time to see the danger and have time to react.

In table shows the main directions of some or other aspects of our lives.

Using these data, we can try to deliberately affect what needs improvement.

Part of the lightCommon desireElementColor
NorthCareersWaterBlack, blue
North-eastEducationSmall landYellow, brown
EastFamily, healthBig WoodGreen
South-eastWealthSmall TreeGreen
SouthwestLoveBig LandYellow, brown
WestDescendantsSmall MetalWhite metal
North-westSupportLarge MetalWhite metal
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