The foreigners will start to sell the land after 50 years

27.06.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | The foreigners will start to sell the land after 50 years Priority for the purchase of agricultural land should belong exclusively to citizens of Ukraine. This was stated by a member of the Committee on palamentskogo Agricultural Policy Smityuh Gregory, speaking on one of the channels.

He recalled that the Constitution clearly stipulates that the land and its resources belong exclusively to the Ukrainian people. "If we want to change something in this regard, it is necessary to change the Constitution. Therefore the President has rightly said that only Ukrainian citizens may be eligible to buy the land. Another question is which way to go from here?" - Said Smityuh.

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According to him, initially the goal and dream of people living in rural areas - have land in private ownership and it is natural. Smityuh stressed that the Ukrainian allow the sale of land to foreigners - it is dangerous. "I believe that at least 50 years should be forbidden any opportunities to sell land to foreign citizens and foreign legal entities," - he said.

In addition, the "Regions" said leasing of agricultural land by foreigners must be extremely precise control. "First of all we must introduce a gradual, sensible approach to this issue. Another problem - the possibility of financing. Those Ukrainian companies that can work, those who want to cultivate the land, they have no access to credit. Unfortunately, we can not compete with foreigners "- he explained.

"About 15% of the land owners willing to sell it. Then the state should buy the land. For this we need to raise funds, create a state bank. He has to deal with the financing of purchase of land. At this stage the only state fund can control this issue. The State must fund through State Bank buy the land, its control and transfer of the lease. That is to make everything that Ukraine has become a competitive economic space ", - believes Smityuh.

As reported, the government actually agreed to the concept and design of land reform in Ukraine. This was stated by President Viktor Yanukovych. According to him, land reform in the first phase should establish a fair rental price of farmland, rather than sell them. He explained that the sale of the land "from Ukraine" will be imposed moratorium.
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Короче, расклад такой: госуд. скупает у людей земли за копейки, а потом продаёт их юр. лицам, а те в свою очередь - америкосам, китайцам, европейцам и т.д.
"Около 15% владельцев земли согласны продать ее. Тогда государство должно выкупить землю." Хотелось бы знать, почём наше продажное государство будет скупать землю у народа. А если я хочу продать свою землю соседу, или иностранцу,но кроме государства у меня никто не имеет права ее купить,....