The foreign real estate. For you it is true?

21.05.2010 14:41
<div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Yuliya Rutberg, actress:</strong><br /><img height="233" width="150" src="/files/45/rutberg.jpg" alt="Yuliya Rutberg" style="margin: 5px; float: left;" />- The question made me recall a history with Pierre Cardin. At one time he was actively involved in the creative life of Maya Plisets. He sent the costumes for her performances. Although they met mainly in France. So Carden arrived in Moscow. Then it was but do decoration. Apparently, so our fellow citizens want to realize their dream of a luxurious life. That claim could not escape, unfortunately, and Maya Plisetskaya with R. Shchedrin. They invited the couturier to the newly renovated apartment. A major "structural principle" of the Soviet evroremontov was the unification of the corridors, kitchens, halls, rooms in a single space. The reception was wonderful - good food, environment, good music. Cardenio enjoyed it. But next day journalists asked him about a party at the Plisetskaya, the maestro said: "Everything was wonderful. I'm just not  why I spent the whole evening was kept in the corridor.<br />I tell this story because I want to say: our thirst for life  in the West sometimes gets funny shape. Yes, I like camping, how people decide on the organization of their home in terms of architecture and design, resulting in internal and external simple Space Affairs to harmony. And I would be in this space would live, but not in the West and in Russia.<br /><br /><strong>Andrey Zhitkin, director:</strong><br /><img height="228" width="150" src="/files/45/zhitkin.jpg" alt="Andrey Zhitkin" style="margin: 5px; float: left;" />- By virtue of their profession, I had traveled to mi. Somewhere I liked it, somewhere not very. But da as, where I was comfortable, I still begins homesick. And when he came home, he realized that I only want to live at home, but in that space, how it is organized in the West.<br />And interestingly enough, the foreigners who come to us for the long term and able to buy property, build it to your taste, through satellites some time begin to feel very lonely at home, although there are mo  gut afford much more. I want to say that nostalgia - a feature not only the Russian soul.<br />I recently bought a flat in an old house built before the Revolution with high ceilings, huge spaces. That's where I'll try to embody all the best that I've seen in the West, bringing our Russian flavor.<br /><strong><br /><br /><br /><br />Vladimer Yepiskoposyan, actor:</strong><br /><img height="241" width="150" src="/files/45/episkoposyan.jpg" alt="Vladimer Yepiskoposyan" style="margin: 5px; float: left;" />- Last year I was shot in the movie A. Eyramdzhana. The shooting took place in Miami, and, walking along the beach along the ocean in his spare time, I kept coming across the tablet warning that stands before me home - it is private property and access to the Prohibited  Shchen. But look at the details - what a beautiful, extraordinary architecture of the houses - I still could. I especially liked those mansions that they are not directed upwards. What they are mostly one-story, maximum, that is from above - this attic. Although styles - a variety, from the east to constructivism. For all their outward modesty is felt, any money invested in these buildings.<br />If I had to choose where to live, then I would advise Brodsky: "If you fell in the empire to be born, it is better to live in a remote province near the sea."<br /><br /><strong><br /><br /><br />Lydia Velezheva, actress:</strong><br /><img height="228" width="150" src="/files/45/velegeva.jpg" alt="Lydia Velezheva" style="margin: 5px; float: left;" />- I really like Riga. If I before put the possibility to choose a real estate dence for the rest, then I would have chosen to Riga. Why When Baltic? There comfortable, compact. The Latvian capital has always greeting me warmly. And this is reflected in everything - in the architecture, streets, houses. In some ways it resembles Paris.<br />Of course, live permanently abroad would not like. Not because there is bad, but because there we are not wanted. I love Moscow and Kiev. Kyiv - because I'm from Kiev. And I also like somewhere to go, so homesick.<br /><br /><strong><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Alexander Ivanov, guitarist, singer:</strong><br /><img height="225" width="150" src="/files/45/ivanov.jpg" alt="Alexander Ivanov" style="margin: 5px; float: left;" />- Travel had a lot - and with his family, and with the group. I visited everywhere except Australia, New Zealand, and two poles. But the most indelible impression on me, Alaska Juneau. In 1997. I toured America with a group of Stas Hamina. Following the tour, I fell ill and Alaska. City of Juneau is located in the gorge. And at the same time - beautiful buildings, unspoilt roads. Snow was falling some unreal, snowflakes - the size of a palm. The population in the city - just over 20 thousand people. It so happened that I was there celebrating his birthday. Renowned photographer invited me to visit. In his house I particularly liked the window - the value of approximately 4 x 4 m with a view of the mountainside. Even where there was a fireplace, for which John bought the wood in the supermarket. For me, it was then the shock: as the wood can be purchased at the store? He told me obsnil that the wood burns better, that they are specially prepared. In general, if and to buy overseas real estate, it is only in Alaska. And also because it is our ancestral territories. Someday I'll do it.</div>
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