The estate of Santa Claus in Moscow was estimated at 33.5 million dollars

24.11.2010 07:35
Analytical Portal GdeEtotDom.Ru "estimated the cost of Moscow residence of Santa Claus. According to experts, the structure of the total area of 860 square meters plot of land in the 1.2 hectare is estimated at 33.5 million dollars.<br /><br />Construction of the estate of Santa Claus in a Moscow park Kuzminki began in 2004. Now estate includes a tower of Santa Claus (140 square meters), home of Santa Claus creativity (330 "squares"), Maiden tower, an ice rink with the infrastructure (650 square meters), the building-mail Santa Claus (42 "square"), a number of small buildings, as well as the Magic Garden.<br /><br />In his Moscow mansion Santa settles in late December, when they pass the Kremlin Christmas tree.<br /><br />Permanent residence of Santa Claus is located in the Great Ustyug. It opened on December 25, 1999. Mission of Santa Claus exist in many Russian cities.<br /><br />By 2014, in the Vologda region plans to build a new residence (palace of Santa Claus) and the Ice Palace Santa Claus. According to media reports, the new building will be five times greater than the existing towers. In the palace is planned to establish a modern interactive equipment. To date, the projects are ready to both buildings. In 2011, construction will spend 90 million rubles.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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