The deputies intend to lift the ban on termination of contracts of sale unfinished

14.07.2010 20:08
Prohibition on termination of contracts of purchase housing in the unfinished buildings, which is valid until 1 January 2012 can be lifted. The relevant draft law N 6687-1 «On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On prevention of the global financial crisis on the construction industry and housing (the extension of measures to support the construction of housing), introduced in Parliament on July 9 this year.

The document proposes to exclude from the law of the fourth century. 3, which prohibits individuals and entities to break any contracts that result in the transfer of the developers of the completed facility (part of the object), residential construction, provided that such contracts payment is 100% of the object (of object), residential construction, except when such the gap is carried out by mutual agreement.

According to the author of the bill, MP George Karamazina (OU), "this will motivate developers to expedite completion of construction, using for this part of the surplus that they have received due to construction.

It is advisable to establish that the financing of commercial banks in providing the citizens of the mortgage loan to complete construction of housing, which is carried out in accordance with applicable law, under this Act shall be made exclusively to the Agency without the participation of the National Bank of Ukraine, for whom this duty is unnatural, and with the participation of the commercial banks and other business entities at par with income in the amount of the discount rate on the duration of their treatment. "

In the explanatory memorandum also states that all subjects of ownership are equal before the law, so appropriate to terminate or restrict the rights of individuals and entities that this law is limited in favor of developers.

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