The demolition of the «Khrushchev» should engage the state

26.03.2013 01:00
Articles about real estate | The demolition of the «Khrushchev» should engage the state Confederation builders Ukraine (CBU) announced at volume, that prepared a bill in Kotor predlahaetsya Set neobyazatelnыm Receive consent Zhiltsov, hotel guests in avaryynыh houses on s snos.
I am confident, realization of any projects for eviction of citizens from the old and emergency houses built 1960 - 70 - ies. («Nikita»), the demolition of these buildings and construction on their place the new housing is to be implemented exclusively with the participation of the state bodies.

In my opinion, the main risk to the occupants of these houses is the lack of replacement housing for the period of construction of the new facility, as well as the provision of guarantees to receive apartments in the newly built house. Private companies, who will have the right to evict people from their apartments without their consent, can act with malicious intent. That is, after the expulsion of just disappearing, leaving a field of action for a stronger player. The latter is, as a «bona fide purchaser», may well refuse to inspire people in their legitimate housing in the new house. With state bodies such risk is reduced to a minimum.

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According to the Confederation of builders, the demolition will be made on the basis of expert opinion, for example, scientific research Institute of building constructions of the technical condition of the house. I think that if the initiative of the demolition will come from this or a similar scientific institutions, the public and especially by the citizens of the future of demolished buildings should closely monitor the changes in Supervisory boards and management of such bodies.

I want to note, that developers profitable acceleration of procedures of demolition of old housing, as it will allow a more rational use of land of the city or other locality. However, they may encounter difficulties. For example, with the lack of «replacement Fund» apartments for compulsory (by law) the resettlement of residents of the «Nikita». Ideal mechanism means that in 2-3 years, while on the site of the old housing is being built the new, the owner of the apartment lives in the «substituted house». If this is not at home, the developer must pay for or price of rent, or a new apartment.
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