The demand for luxury housing moves from the center of Kiev in areas with developed infrastructure

23.02.2012 10:27
Articles about real estate | The demand for luxury housing moves from the center of Kiev in areas with developed infrastructure Director of Business Development at Knight Frank said Yaroslav Chapko "Cause", which is now luxury housing demand at Kiev, at what price they prefer to buy it and what areas and floors are more presentable.

Today the customer is more demanding to buying housing, because most of the apartments sold for his own residence, and not with a view to resale. In addition to the qualitative characteristics of the apartment (building materials, engineering, planning an apartment), today buyers pay attention to the ease of entrance, the character of the surrounding buildings and the comfort of the adjacent territory.

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The area continues to play a pivotal role in the formation of preferences. Historically, the most popular were and are the Caves and the central part of the Shevchenko district, where in principle all the main projects of the class of elites. However, with the development of the geography of preferences is gradually expanding.

At the moment, a good example is the development of Obolonska waterfront, where a number of projects built premium. The central location is gradually giving benefits the environment and develop infrastructure facilities in an environment (the presence of water, forest areas, specific characteristics of the city, the service infrastructure).

Another important factor is a parameter, as the area of ​​apartments. If earlier it was believed that luxury apartments must necessarily be a large area, this option is now radically changed.

The most in demand in the luxury segment today are three-bedroom apartments of 130-150 square meters. m remain liquid and two-bedroom apartment. One-bedroom apartments, usually in high-end projects slightly, they are often designed as a studio and sold either by the further leasing of or for the grown children who want to live separately from their parents.

In the secondary market liquidity of losing their apartments in old houses (stalinka, houses built before the Revolution, etc.). In spite of the owners of the proposed "high-quality finish" and Italian furniture, buyers still prefer modern accommodation in newly built complexes. Apartment area vary considerably, since most of them were formed by combining two or more neighboring apartments.

Typically, apartments are often the union of capital implied demolition of partitions, which has not always been done technically correct, is not legalized in the BTI and the apartment layouts are not always allowed to rationally organize the space. Of the remaining disadvantages of such housing - no elevators in the house or the old elevators, an unsightly entrance, the lack of organized parking, problems with outdated engineering building. The advantage is still the location (in the central part of town). With further development of high-end segment of these apartments will gradually shift to the price range of business class.

The price factor also plays an important role. However, the limited supply of apartments in the areas requested by the elite complexes still allows developers to dictate the desired price, while bargaining in transactions tend to be present. The most common requests from clients are concentrated in the price range 4-6 thousand dollars per square meter (for premium and deluxe segments), and average asking prices are now about 7-8 thousand per square meter

As a rule, buyers prefer higher floors, as many elite projects involve different specific characteristics of the city. But it's more a question of individual preference. In practice there were buyers who wanted to live it is not higher than 3-4 floors.

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