The demand for «concrete gold Rhine grows

23.03.2011 07:01
Articles about real estate | The demand for «concrete gold Rhine grows According to German Realtors, in 2010 in North Rhine-Westphalia increased demand and prices for rental and purchase housing. This region is the most populous in Germany - is home to 17.9 million people, or about 30% of the population of Germany.

As the newspaper writes «Mindener Tageblatt» referring to the Association of German real estate (IVD West), in 2009, realtors have described the situation in the housing market of that region as "a reliable and stable." In 2010, they noted the rising cost of living "squares" as in a segment of the lease, and when buying a home. In tough economic times, a stable price, "concrete gold" in the so-called "postwar" housing stock has never attracted investors, say realtors.

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In cities with population over 300 000 people have been steadily growing rental rates. In private homes built after 1948 and have a good location, average rent excluding utility fees for 2010 increased by 4%. The highest rates were observed in D?sseldorf: the order of ? 10 per square. m per month, and Bonn and Cologne - by? 9. In cities such as Bochum, rent one of the "square" in a month does not exceed? 5.80, while in Wuppertal -? 6.50. Rent a newly built apartment in D?sseldorf costing not less than? 13 per "square".

Single-family homes in the region as a whole for the year 2010 remained virtually unchanged in price. In areas with poorly developed infrastructure who are away from administrative centers, and are poorly organized transport, at home with a standard layout and equipment in the past year even cheaper by 10% -20%.

But in the nine largest cities in the region the average cost of a dwelling house was? 300 000 - 5% more than in 2009. Price dispersion is quite large: from? 295,000 in Bielefeld up? 580,000 in Dusseldorf. In L?beck, the situation since last year has not changed: the same quality segment of the private house buyers can find attractive offers for? 140 000.

In cities with more than 50,000 residents, apartment prices in the secondary market is higher than in small municipalities. But these prices are rising. So, in Bielefeld in 2010 the average cost per square meter in this segment increased by 6%: s? 850 to? 900.

New apartments in the most expensive in D?sseldorf: no less? 4500 for "square". For comparison: in the same Bielefeld average price per square meter in a newly built apartment does not exceed? 2750. Least low prices in a segment of newly registered in Elsdorfe (? 1160) and Brilon (? 1300).
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