The danger of clutter, and why of it must quickly get rid of

03.10.2010 09:05
Articles about real estate | The danger of clutter, and why of it must quickly get rid of  Life goes on. Modern life is not what it was several years ago. Career race at work, need to stay after work to complete assignments for the day, new opportunities for recreation - these and many other factors influence our care of your own home. Some, frankly, just living in chaos due to lack of time. Feng shui also suggests that informal house eventually leads to a disorganized life.
According to feng shui, life force qi in the house like a life force in our body: they enter the house through doors and windows, and should it move freely to supply the energy every cell of the house.

If the energy of qi, stumbling over piles of trash and debris, stops, then over time it turns into a harmful energy ball. And on Feng Shui as we know, the imbalance of energies in the home affects our health and good fortune are not the best way.

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Do not leave a mess for a long time, postponing "tomorrow" to tidy up some room in the house. Neutyuzhennoy pile of clothing or scattered papers on the table over time will create negative energy, or will be harmful arrows affecting your health and performance. Disorder near the main entrance door will eventually lead to internal resistance to any change in his life, in such cases often miss good opportunities for career, financial sphere, health and future of children, etc. Trash under the bed in the bedroom is very bad for the mental health of those who sleep on it: feel fatigue, nervousness, apathy, over time it can be identified and the physical layer in a rough form of the disease.

According to Feng Shui can even monitor the adverse effects of prolonged absence of cleaning in any sector bagua according to five elements:

* Chaotic zone of the earth (center, north-east, south-west) leads to digestive problems and poor sleep. Needless to much attention to himself.
* Confusion in the area of metal (west and north-west) leads to an unhappy moral state of health at the physical level may be affected lungs and intestines.
* Area of water (north) in the disorder leads to unjustified hidden feelings, fears and experiences. Take care of the kidneys and bladder.
* Confusion in the area of the tree (the east and south-east) - a straight road to shyness and hesitation, you should pay attention to the liver and gallbladder.
* And in the fire zone (south), the disorder leads to constant mood swings, may suffer immune system and to a lesser extent the heart.

After all is said is to say only one thing:

Get rid of clutter, garbage or trash as soon as possible.

With regular care of a house in the near time you feel like you will have a beneficial influence on the free flow of chi energy around the house.
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