The criteria for «affordable» in the suburbs gets 9% of housing

05.11.2010 13:03
Articles about real estate | The criteria for «affordable» in the suburbs gets 9% of housing 30 thousand rubles. per square. m - a figure which has been officially announced in Russia, "affordable housing". Residential Real Estate at a price of 30 thousand rubles. for "square" in the suburbs - that's about 9% of total supply.

Most affordable housing is concentrated in Simferopol, Yaroslavl trails, several projects are proposed along Gorky, Egorievsk Kashirskoe highway. Most objects are far removed from Moscow - an average of 87-90 km. And many are not even in Moscow, and in adjacent areas.

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If we talk about the cottages, the more often it is the home area of 100-180 square meters. m at 8.10 hectare plots. Structure, as a rule, frame-panel or from concrete blocks, but sometimes can not "fit" in the "30 thousand per square meter, and laminated veneer lumber. If it is a ready-made houses, the proposals may include a minimum finish of 5-10 kW of electricity, functioning well and septic, heating equipment, reconstituted in the home electricity, triple-pane windows.
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