The crisis in the building: someone unfreeze construction?

13.10.2008 00:00
The worsening global financial crisis on the background of the next round of confrontation in the Ukrainian policy of forcing construction companies to create their own anti-crisis mechanisms. For their speedy implementation of necessary changes in legislation and government support. However, hope for a quick help builders not prihoditsya.Ukrainsky building market fell by 70%. Banks have frozen investments in the construction industry, mortgage loans are not issued, and foreign investors withdraw their money from the country. To do this, they have at least two reasons - the global crisis and the political situation. As a result, construction companies were between a rock and a hard place and forced to sell the apartments.

"But the Ukrainian market of commercial real estate was considered one of the most capacious and promising at the international level - says Milan Pajevic, Chairman of the Board of Directors of" Slav-Invest ". - We have a permanent political crisis, even if four years of stability for a government! ". Because of this, over the past 10 years our country has received $ 9 billion in foreign investment, while, for example, Poland - 79.

As for prospects, he sees two options for the development of the crisis: a controlled and spontaneous. A first strike would have on housing, economy class. Real estate luxury at the price falls. Roughly the same interpretation and CEO «XXI Century" Leo Partskhaladze. Housing prices have not fallen because there is a need for it. Stock markets have proved to be ineffective. Rich people are investing in real estate.

Now washed away working capital. Another month or two and then stop the construction will have and those who are still working. According to representatives of construction companies, National Bank, trying to stop inflation, limited funding, because of what is primarily affected mortgage loans. But real estate works for the capitalization of the country. It is impossible to remove. Construction materials have also used mostly local. In recent years, the workers did not leave en masse in Russia and other countries to work, because in Kiev could earn.

Therefore, in early October, the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Construction Association sent letters to President Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. They suggest that the National Bank of the reserve fund earmarked a certain amount through the first ten banks could be issued in the form of loans construction companies so that they can finish the construction.

UCA offers:

increase the rate of risk coverage for loans for housing property rights to housing, from 50 to 70%, as is customary for the mortgage secondary market;

remove two-year limitation on account of property rights to residential property to secure the loan;

refinancing of banks to enter the security of property rights on mortgage loans for housing construction in an amount not less than 50% of the value of those rights;

do not allow limitations on the amount of refinancing of banks offering housing loans the size of their regulatory capital;

reconsider the policy of the National Bank with respect to reserve capital of commercial banks in lending to individual persons for the purchase of housing.

UCA offers a number of changes in legislation, in particular, to waive VAT on home buying from the developer. By the way, before housing and sold, the tax imposed several years ago.

The proposed bill "On amendments to the legislation of Ukraine on simplification of licensing procedures in the building." In other words, we need to eliminate most government officials from making decisions, otherwise corruption will never be destroyed. Now, according to builders, one third of funds goes to bribes. 1 / 3 - is the cost of construction, another third - the profit of all parties, including realtors, and the rest - "Present". Profitability also for builders of 5-12%.

Proposed and other changes to the legislation, but talk about them does not make sense in view of recent political events. Both the president and prime minister is not up to the builders. Only casual Viktor Yushchenko said he did not need to focus on the mortgage crisis. So, most likely, their letters go unanswered. In the meantime, as the National Bank for the salvation of the whole country from collapse finsistemy adopted a resolution whereby, in particular, a six-month moratorium on the growth of banks' loan portfolios.
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