The court will consider the claim of the demolition of houses in the Silver forest

26.07.2010 11:11
Articles about real estate | The court will consider the claim of the demolition of houses in the Silver forest The Moscow Arbitration Court on Monday will consider on the merits of the claim, and prefectural SZAO Moscow to Mosgosstroynadzora LLC Mosdachtrest "(58% owned by Sistema, 34% - Mayor of the capital) of the demolition of houses in the Silver Forest.

These are six sites located on the third line Horoshevskoe Silver Bora.

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The Moscow Arbitration Court on July 21 upheld the decision of the City Commission to curb the unauthorized construction of the Government of Moscow dated 28 January 2010 in respect of these objects. According to the commission, they have signs of unauthorized construction and slated for demolition by the removal. Prefecture of the North-Western Administrative District (SZAO) was recommended to go to court with a complaint.

"Mosdachtrest" tried to appeal this decision. A representative of Mosdachtresta "said at the meeting that the commission failed to consider that the plaintiff tried to reconcile the approval documents for the construction, but the procedure was delayed through the fault of the city. Lawyer of the company noted that in the meeting "Mosdachtrest" was not involved, which also violates the rights of the company.

The defendant also explained that the issue of demolition will decide the arbitral tribunal and the commission only made recommendations prefecture, so the law "Mosdachtresta" have not been affected.

Previously, extensive publicity has caused the demolition of houses in a garden-profit partnership "boatman" in the park "Moskvoretsky. Demolition began on 21 January this year to address Kuntsevo court of Moscow, which is considered the capital structure of the illegal, because the village is located on protected lands, and the owners do not have proper documents of title to land. When it was demolished more than 20 houses, the demolition of suspended during the investigation the Prosecutor General of Russia.

Silver Wood officially recognized as a natural monument of regional significance.
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