The cottage village of the bottles on the ridiculous price

17.10.2010 17:04
It's no secret that because of the crisis in the construction industry stopped building apartment houses and cottage villages near Kiev. However, the vacuum supply to the real estate market have something to fill, because the demand for housing is available to all segments of the population of the Ukrainian capital, so the developers announced today a new, modern, unparalleled project - the cottage village "Plyashkovy paradise" in the village Podgortsy. It will be a cottage community of super-super-mega-economy class housing which can afford to absolutely all segments of the population.<br /><br />The concept of a new project - the construction and decoration of the house of the available materials, reducing construction costs by attracting low-cost labor force, a complete rejection of heavy construction equipment. Homes in the cottage, which was drawn up on the edge of the landfill of municipal solid waste, will be built from environmentally friendly glass bottles builders specialists from Central Asia.<br /><br />According to preliminary calculations, our managers and professionals and building technicians, 1 m2 of the ultra-modern cabin will cost just 50 hryvnia, with a top score, you can always find the missing bottle and other building materials on-site construction, Pidgirtsi. In order to build suitable as a bottle of 0.5, and 0.7 liters, but about the popular bottles 1 liter and 0.33 liter of specialists, builders mixed opinions.<br /><br />- 0.33 that's a little quite, not inserts finally can! - Interference foreman siphons.<br /><br />- And l w only champagne is poured, and there is not the same degree! - Echoes his head on the construction of the bearded man.<br /><br />But the color of the bottle is not important, because they will still smeared with clay and straw.<br /><br />But there's more innovation! Houses inside will furnish modern furniture made from car-bodies, which were fastened the streets and courtyards of the capital. These rusted pieces of iron never zavedutsya, and therefore their use for producing the cabinets, beds, tables and other furniture needed to newcomers.<br /><br />
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